Decorations of Bathroom with Home Decor Accessories

The bathroom might be the smallest room in the house, but it can really pack a punch when it comes to interior design. In general, many homeowners don’t take enough risks with their bathroom decorations. Bathrooms are about cleanliness, sure, but, from a decorating point of view, they’re about creating mood, mood like to view everything in well-organized arrangements. Accessories are one of the batter things which make a bathroom highly decorated and becomes a relax place. You can choose your bathroom accessories with very carefully, making a combination of design, color and lightening. Modern bathroom design and decor can be created with some simple steps and quick home staging tips. You can update your bathroom without a major renovation and spending lots of money on new bathroom decor.

  • Choose the floor tiles with very light colors: New floor tiles or teak floor covering are great ideas to cover unappealing old floors, and add more comfort and style to modern bathroom design. Floor tiles over the old floor creates warmer floor and decorate your bathroom design with modern tiles colors and patterns. Without replacing an old floor covering your bathroom redesign will cost less and be quick.
  • Choose the wall tiles with the combination of the floor tiles:Choose wall tiles over wall panels. Some manufacturers offer large wall tiles that are originally designed for installation over the old bathroom tiles. Painted walls can be partially covered by modern bathroom tiles, creating beautiful accents wall design that enhance bathroom decor. Here the combination of the floor tiles with the wall tiles is more than important.
  • Applied lighting can be creative:White lighting is a key to arise a shine of any space, it is especially important to bathrooms. Proper lighting not only makes a space seem larger and shiny, it makes a feel relaxed too for any person. This isn’t to say that one cannot have a dark or a moody bathroom either. If it’s a larger room than dramatic or creative lighting can work.
  • Choose a perfect and a large mirror: A large wall mirror is great for small bathroom design and decorating. Elongated large mirrors on doors can be dressed in Baroque style or contemporary style frames, bringing additional attractive details into modern bathroom design and enhancing bathroom decorating styles and color schemes. A mirror can be a statement Piece or Art.
  • Bathroom Accessories: Bathroom accessories are decorative and functional. Yes, a trash can is considered an accessory and can be rather chic! Adding a pretty soap dish, tray, and tissue holder will also add style. Similar to an outfit, keep your bathroom’s accessories consistent using similar colors and finishes.
  • An Element of Art: Bathroom art is often debatable, after all, it is the bathroom. We say go for it. Just like any other room, art completes a space. The element might be a painting, a sticker etc. One can hang up some Paintings and wall stickers in the bathroom to make feel good.

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Home Decor to suit winters

“When it gets cold outside, it’s time to cozy up inside”, that is the mantra for changing decoration in the winter. Everyone wants to concentrate on long term value of warmth. Every house owner wants to be prepared before winter comes, so we suggest to start early with the decorations theme for the winter season before it actually arrives. While winter is making its presence felt with cold nights and chilly days, you can warm up the bedroom without making drastic changes. So here are a few pointers for you and your guests to feel warm inside your house at the time of winter.

• Throw out or donate your fleece blankets and new ones from the market. There are a lot of varieties in the market or the e-commerce websites. Apart from sleeping in them, you can use them to drape your sofa. Place them on the back of the sofa in the day time and enjoy the pattern and design as your sofa cover which will also add a bit of warmth to your house.

• Bring your fireplace to life which has been eating dust the whole year long. If you don’t have a fireplace, buy some candles and place them on the dining table or side boards. It gives a very warm feel to the house and also give you a chance to have some romantic candle light dinners with your family.

• Surroundings bring warmth so contemplate before hanging decorating home with wall murals, artifacts and paintings. Particular to paintings, we suggest hanging few fierce paintings with warm colors. Though literally, these paintings do not spread warmth but psychologically this helps a lot in setting up a warm feeling around. There is a wide range of paintings available in the online market from where anyone can select paintings wit ease.

• Add decorative pillows and designer cushions to add warmth to the living room, guest room, and beds. There are good accessories that add a cozy feeling to your rooms and are just plain fun to use- under your head, over your legs, hugged between your arms, and they actually do help to keep you warm besides those throws you’ve gotten out.

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Ten Steps of Home Decorations

Decoration of a new home or refurbishing an existing one is an art and not a science. We linked decoration to art as it is perceived differently by different people, unlike science which is understood commonly by everyone. The concept of Decoration is also similar to a canvas where ideas flow knowing no boundaries and where imagination and personal feelings find a platform to be appreciated by all. Decoration as per ones’ taste and style may be a gateway to find tranquility and relaxation, which are required to keep away the stress associated with our daily lives. As erratic and stressful times make it increasingly difficult to find tranquility and relaxation in our lives, through new ideas or creativity we have to find the way to get relaxation in our lives. Below, we enlist 10 ways or methods that we think would be useful to understand more about decoration and its possible application to homes and offices.

  1. Selecting the right combination of wall colors: One thing that one cannot avoid noticing in a home is the walls and its colors. Close your eyes and gather your thoughts to imagine what could be the best combination of wall colors that suits your personality and style. Few of the most common color combinations that can be considered while painting the room are: Cream-brown, green-white and blue-cream.
  2. Natural and Light fabrics:Most of the natural fabrics are derived from natural fibers of animal coast. Leather is the most common natural fabric with an interesting natural texture. Cotton is another natural fabric that is considered as a symbol of comfort that can also be used to make a lot of luxuries items.
  3. Well Designed Furniture: Furniture is conceivably the most important aspect of decoration, mainly because of its usability quotient. We suggest choosing furniture that is simple and bodes well with the overall decoration theme.. Basic material used in the furniture should be high in quality and made of natural materials as these bring a sense of warmth and relaxation. Apart from the conventional designs, there are many unconventional style of furniture available in the market.
  4. Categories: Categorization is the best form that can make things look organized, such as organizing books in shelf with accurate size order and keeping in mind of the color aspect. If there are some similar color patterns that are present on the cover of the books then it needs to be placed together, this increases the show and looks better. Similarly, if you are trying to hang up paintings then the colors used in the paintings should match with the wall color; painting’s size should be selected as per the room’s size.
  5. Organize things with good arrangements: As per the above discussion, a simple decoration can look amazing if the articles within the decoration theme are organized., The strategy behind Organizing is “Comfort-ability”. If we have organized things after making categories than it is very easy to find them, like if we have to find a book than we can go to the book shell than search out the name of the book and can pick that out.
  6. Hang out the Designer Lights: For a fully calming and comforting space, we suggest replacing harsh and blazing lights with calming, nature-inspired or candle lights. The most important step is to place different sources of light which will allow you to control the intensity and the areas to be lighted. As a precautionary measure, we should avoid projecting a strong direct light from the ceiling. Other possibilities could be mixing to a floor lamp, a lamp set and an indirect light together to make the decoration theme look more glamorous and appealing.
  7. Green garden: Have a lawn at the rooftop and water it properly and regularly to keep the room cool. We suggest having few green plants in the room which will surely have psychological positive impact on the human mind and soul.
  8. Hang up some Paintings: As per the latest trend in decoration, paintings are precious articles and should be made a part of the overall decoration theme. With the mass adoption of online shopping, people now have new exciting options by which they can buy paintings online at ArtsNyou. Again, selection of the paintings should match the style and personality of its home owners. There are new concepts which keep your home decoration state of art and your wall themselves became masterpiece if you put one of such paintings on it. Buy such beautiful art like Sunset Designer Art set on
  9. Wallpapers: First decide on how you want the wall to look like, whether paint it or paste wallpaper. There are various types of wallpapers available in the market which can complete the overall the style statement of the room. Choose ‘soothing colors’ while selecting the wall color or the wallpaper. We suggest you to buy painting or wall decals for the wall even with the wall paper on it. Again, colors in the painting should complement the overall home decor scheme.
  10. Arrange some good Design Curtains: We believe curtains complete the decoration of the home. A bit of embroidery work or an artwork on the curtains give that extra vibe in decoration. Always choose soft and natural colors for the Curtain unless you want to create something very dramatic.


Interior Decoration – An Art or Profession

The art of creation and decoration is a blessing and a gift from the god which everybody possesses but only few are able to master it. Many of such few chose to spend their life in creating and designing something new to decorate a room or a building, to make it a better place. A Beautifully decorated interior is a sign of “Happiness” as it creates a mood or a feeling of the happiness all around it. For some people, this is a show-off kind of a thing to their friends, family relations and more and for others; Interior Decor is a part of their overall personality & they keep good care of it and continuously seek improvement that ensures decorating success. The Interior Decorations is implies that how you are living, so it is mandatory to be think and discuss with the family, before painting and decorating, search for different areas like look through magazines and pull out ideas that how you can decorate your room or whatever you want.

In the past, Builders and people both assumes the interior decoration as the part of the process of building constructions but the mentality of toward that assumption keeps on diluting by the early 17th century. Throughout 17th and 18th century, interior decoration becomes a very big topic for discussion before it could be implemented. Builders and Architects would also employ the “Craftsmen” and “Artists” to complete interior design for their projects.

Whether decorating a newly constructed house or updating a pre-built house, in both the case people don’t know how to decorate the best interiors, gathering things like showpiece or paintings which makes people happy. In the latest days, people gather things online for interior decoration like they can buy paintings online, buy home décor things online.

Paintings is perhaps the most popular thing for Interior decoration, many of the paintings like Abstract paintings, Landscape paintings, Religious paintings, etc are available online which may very helpful for the interior decoration. For giving the beautiful touch in the Interior decoration paintings are using worldwide. Wall strikers, ceramic vases, artificial flowers, etc. are among other things which are often used by interior designer as inexpensive and great way of enhancing the beauty of the home decor. The professions of Interior decoration are widely been adopted but not clearly defined for a description format, in the term of the process it totally depends upon the place where it will be applying. Many interior designers are using online shopping sites to look out for fabulous art pieces and art work. Online platforms like help both interior designer and artists to get together and by all this, end customer is lot benefitted by time and cost reduction in overall project completion. The choice is in plenty, got stuck in the individual situation for the interior decorations, at that time paintings the only things which can help them.

Modern Art – A new way of thinking

Indian arts and modern paintings have their own history for being the “Most adored arts” in the world. Modern art finds its origin from the French Revolution. The beginning of “Modern Art Painting” cannot be clearly delineate but there is a general agreement that it started in the 18th-century. Modern Art can be created on the paper, with the use of clay, or on the stones in around 1860s to 1970s. In India, Modern art has its own history and the movement is considered to have begun in Calcutta in the late 19th century. In earlier times, the most popular Protagonists of Modern Indian art was Raja Ravi Verma who brought the new Western traditions and techniques including oil paints and easel paintings. He was a stunning self-thought painter, who through his talent won lots of prize, including “Vienna Art Exhibition” in 1873.

We think that modern art painting has still not abandoned the representation of recognizable objects in principle. With fading boundaries, Modern Art is gaining popularity across the world and has its feet firmly grounded in India. It should also be understood that self-criticism in Modern Art has never been carried on in any but a spontaneous and largely subliminal way.

Modern Art is generally understood as any activity done by people with a communicative or aesthetic purpose, something that expresses an idea, an emotion or, more generally, a “world view”. The Modern Art brings a mode of thinking and feeling through paintings that depict the growing commotion in the world. Naturalism of Modern Art is a mode of representation based primarily on observation rather than on predetermined recipes or ideals. Modern arts and paintings quickly emerged as a unique form of competence among the other forms of arts and painting styles. in art We have many sites to buy artifacts and buy paintings online and recommend you to visit, the online shopping destination to buy wall murals, wall hangings, handicrafts, buy paintings based on Indian paintings, landscape paintings, abstract paintings, art prints, figurative paintings that are stylish, trendy and beautiful– the Shopping that is easy on the pockets, the Shopping that offers all the famous paintings from various artists worldwide, and the Shopping that is simpler, easier, faster and always Online.

Christmas – Gifts Galore for Arts and Paintings

Christmas – Gifts Galore

Peace personified, the festival of Christmas is celebrated to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. History of Christmas dates back to the 4th century, when Jesus was born in a stable in Bethlehem. Right after Jesus’s birth, he was visited by three wise men who followed a star to the birthplace. Meanwhile, there were shepherds in a nearby field that saw an angel appear before them and told them of the holy birth of Jesus Christ.

Since our childhood, we are being told of Santa been associated with goodwill and love. Thus people keep Santa’s paintings or arts in their houses. As part of the Christmas celebration, we spend the joyful day with our friends and family, exchanging gifts and showering love and blessings all over. We believe that Oil paintings can make a perfect Christmas gift with most of us preferring to buy paintings online Santa as we know today is a grandfatherly figure with a round belly, a bushy white beard and a red and white suit. According to Langer’s Encyclopedia of World History, Santa was a common name for Nimrod throughout Asia Minor. This was also the same fire god who came down the chimneys of the ancient pagans and the same fire god to whom infants were burned and eaten in human sacrifice among those who were once God’s people.

Like all famous birth festivals, Christmas too have many beliefs and the most common of them is when Jesus was about to be born, three Persian wise man predicted the new born would become the son of God. Some claim it all started in Babylon, that December 25th was Nimrod’s birthday, that the Christmas tree honors Tammuz, that the round-shaped decorations are paintings of the sun-god, Baal and that the stars on the top of the tree came from astrology, etc. However, the most common justification regarding Christmas is that people replaced old pagan customs and intents with Christianity that means “focusing on Christ.”

Like everything around us, the way to celebrate Christmas has also changed. From exchange of sweets and cakes to shopping online for gifts, people have come of ages to celebrate Christmas in their own right. People buy paintings online especially Jesus paintings made in various varieties like oil paintings, glass paintings, acrylic paintings. Statues and sculptures of Jesus are also gifted to each other and mark and celebrate the day of joy. is an exciting and inspiring way to buy paintings. With Wonderful range of Art Prints, Posters, Canvas Prints, Oil Paintings , etc.; we are proud to be best online art gallery.

Mother Mary - ArtsNyou

Vierge-Jesus SaintJeanBaptiste 1875-410x410

Diwali – Another Reason to Celebrate and Decorate Home

Diwali is one of the foremost and spirit livening festivals of India. The word Diwali is associated with (though a degree incorrect) the word “Deepawali” which implies “rows of light”. The pageant of Diwali takes place on the fifteenth day within the month of Hindu calendar month once winter seasons begins. It falls on the ‘Amavasya’ of the month of Kartik every year by Hindu calendar.

It is celebrated with great enthusiasm throughout the length and breadth of India. It is a festival of lights. According to some on this day Lord Ram reached Ayodhya along with Sita and Lakshman. The villagers of Ayodhya welcomed Ram, Lakshman and Sita by decorating and illuminating their village with diyas. As per the Jainism methodology believe that on this present day Mahavir Hindu visited the heaven, there he was received warmly by the gods.

Diwali has remained a very important festival in Sikhism too. The entire town of Amritsar had been illuminated to commemorate the return of Guru Har Gobind Ji, the sixth Guru of Sikhism. The Guru had been imprisoned with 52 Hindu kings at the Gwalior Fort by Jahangir. After attaining freedom, Guru Gobind visited Darbar Sahib or the Golden Temple, in the city of Amritsar. The overwhelmed residents joyfully welcomed him by lighting diyas and candles to greet the Guru visiting their city. This is why the Sikhs also refer to Diwali as Bandi Chhorh Divas, or “the day of the release of the detainees”.

For this great occasion of Diwali, everybody starts creating arrangement one month before it, by purchasing new cloths, by cleaning house & for decorating there house. People buy paintings like Indian paintings, religious paintings, handicrafts. In these days, people have new exciting options by which they can buy paintings online as these paintings helps a lot into the decoration of the house in a fantastic manner. If one decorates their house with the painting it gives a feel like “if we are putting a golden brick in the middle of the wall construction”. The Morphology of the paintings is the “Art of an Artist” and for the same people can adorn with lights, flowers etc. People also celebrate Diwali through lighting diyas, fireworks, flowers, sharing sweets and offering Puja (prayers). While the rituals differ from region to region, the main aim of the festival is the same – to rejoice the luminous Atman or the Brahman within. Diwali festival is the festival of the whole country. It is celebrated in every nook and Corner of our country. Thus, this festival also creates a sense of oneness among the people. It becomes the symbol of unity. India has been celebrating this festival for thousands of years and continues to celebrate it even today which is both historical and religious.

Do Not Rush – Decorate Home with paintings and more

Owning a home with sky-rocket prices is one of the dreams that an average Indian wants to achieve in the lifetime. Quite often in a hurry to shift in the home, people do not give enough time and thought to the decoration theme. The structure of the home is as important as the inside. We understand that selecting a decoration theme is no kids play and therefore we intent to give an insight on how to go about selecting one.

Keep the faith: Carefully selecting the home decoration theme which can be both pastoral and urbane, depending upon one’s taste and characteristic, plays a crucial part. Antique furniture, made out of wooden or steel, is the first thing to select. Upholstery color and material is as important as the style and panache of the furniture. The furniture style and color should match with the wall color and texture.

Vaastu and FengShui: Paintings on par with Vaastu and Feng Shui acquiescence can add accord in the family. As per Vaastu and Feng-Shui, paintings depicting ‘Seven Horses’, ‘Tortoise’ and ‘Laughing Buddha’ can have an affirmative impact on the well-being of the family members. One can guardedly choose the color combination in the paintings along with other important factors mentioned above.

Accessories that add glamour: Chandeliers, mirrors, photo frames, lamps, statues, miniatures, and paintings, among other accessories must blend with the overall decoration theme. Flooring, wooden cabinets, lighting scheme and dining table style and color should blend well with the other artefacts.

Being religious is good: It is said that keeping Radha-Krishna in the house brings prosperity, well-being and good health. It spreads warmth and people find themselves in peace and harmony. New-wed couples should always keep them in the house which will always keep the love spark between them forever. There are many artifacts including Radha Krishna paintings and Radha Krisha statues and sculptures are available in the market. Wall murals and wall hangings with pictures of Radha Krishna engraved on them add charm and joy to the home. These artifacts not only look good in the house but add a spiritual value to it also.

Artifacts that add charm: Few of the artifacts such as wall clocks, candles and handicrafts add charm and glamor to the overall scheme of home decoration. Our suggestion is to make these articles an integral part of the bigger picture and give proper footage in the house that these artifacts deserve.

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ArtsNyou bring unique paintings as gifts for diwali celebrations

‘Deep’ means ‘gentle’ and ‘avail’ means ‘strip’ and mixed together ‘Deepavali’ means ‘strip of lights.’ Deepavali, most generally referred to as ‘Diwali ‘, is celebrated across the country with good zeal and enthusiasm. That is just about the only festival that is celebrated for different reasons among numerous areas in India and abroad. The most frequent opinion is that Diwali is celebrated to delightful Lord Rama, his partner Sita and brother Lakshmana to Ayodhya from a 14-year exile in forest. During this period, Rama killed Ravana, king of struggles, and persons enjoy Diwali by illumination diyas and candles to mark the success of good around evil. But, today nice lights have taken around diyas and candles. Different significant reasons for celebrating Diwali include conquering of Bali by Vishnu and eliminating of AsuraNaraka by Lord Krishna.

Houses and practices are washed and designed with lamps and diyas, sugars and presents are sold and most importantly Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha are worshiped. It’s expected on Diwali that Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi got married and ergo persons worship Lakshmi to bring wealth and prosperity. But, it’s still unknown to numerous why Ganesha is worshiped alongside Lakshmi instead of Vishnu on Diwali. It’s generally thought that while adopting Ganesha from Goddess Parvati and showing enjoy and devotion, Lakshmi assured Parvati that whosoever worshiping Lakshmi will need to wish Ganesha as well in order to get his/her hope granted. That is the reason why Lakshmi and Ganesha are always worshipped together.

buy paintings

It is always good to know our traditions and roots as to why Diwali is celebrated, particularly at a time when our younger technology gets far and far from it. They relate Diwali as just another festival of delight wherever every moment needs to be valued to help keep their spirits full of an otherwise fast and stressful life. They enjoy in visiting and giving out presents with their loved ones. Markets flooding with numerous choices such as for example sugars, electronic devices, home design products, paintings, custom lights, fashionable diyas and aromatic candles.

As though this was meant to happen, the stressful pace of life seemingly have discovered its new means of searching that save time and effort. Among the methods is online searching wherever people have vast possibilities and save lots of time that may be spent with family and friends. For exchanging gifts without hassles, numerous online vendors are available that bring most of the gifts very near to your dear ones just on few  simple clicks. On line searching is flourishing and thriving in India with substantial headroom to develop in the near term. Several online portals like Flipkart, Ebay, ArtsNyou, among many others are providing remarkable savings for numerous articles which can be considered as Diwali presents.

Room shading, unlocking the mystery of colors – Home decor series

All of us, at some point of time gets bogged down with just a plain simple question – how and what should we do to make our house different, appealing and a house we have never seen before. We want to create and arrange things in a way which would make it a different house; more soothing, more charming than the existing one.

For decoration, we first keep fetching those modern or traditional home decoration items from the market, always thinking “ohhh…what a lovely piece…it would really make my home really beautiful” and the reality is that when we reach home, it become difficult to find a suitable place to put that marvelous thing and then you curse yourself spending so much on that art object or painting.

What the way out of this vicious circle in which we first keeps on buying new articles to décor our sweet homes and at some point, it will end up increasing the clutter in house, taking up all the space of your home and you will feel tired in thinking what to do now to decorate your home when there is no space left to decorate it.

At that time, it calls for a change in the approach adopted so far to decorate your home and think before buying what you will do with the artifact/antique item which you want to buy so desperately.

Let’s now start thinking logically, whether you want to create a museum with beautiful paintings or you want a really nice home with enough space, aesthetic look and wisely chosen artifacts/paintings which go with the overall theme and pattern of your home.

We will talk about a color combination of two colors – Rusty Orange and Whitish Cream. White is the color which make the space in your house, it’s the color of the day, bright and light. It makes the room big, energetic and calm down your nerves. It is the color which will lift up your mood. So, let us plan to use this color in abundance. Imagine the room, bed, windows, and sideboard all in white except one wall which is in front of your bed. We will paint that wall with rusty orange shade and will have your bed sheet in a color combination which has large parts of this rusty orange shade.

This will have a beautiful color coded spacious room ready for our further decoration. We will now talk about buying nice beautiful paintings, vases, flowers for this room. The white vases and paintings with maximum whitish tones on this colored wall will look amazing. You can go online and check so many paintings on and decide which one will suit the room before actually going for actual purchase. All the artifacts you intend to purchase must gel with each other so be sure what you want to buy before actually buying it, otherwise you will again be struck in that circle of collecting pieces to add clutter rather than home decoration.