Water and light; a deadly home decor combination

Water is gaining popularity as an element in the home decor. Used in home decor, water has a calming effect on human mind and soul. Sound of gushing water is soothing and refreshing to hear and in turn heart and spirit. Water features add glamour to home decor, especially modern interior design, which can have a water garden and fountain. Interior that has water appearance enhances the overall facade of the home.

Water and light combination: Moving water is always better stagnant water, mostly because of voluble sound and different effects that the light can have on the moving water flow. At night, the effect of light on water is magnified by using various color combinations at different junctures of the water flow. As per Vaastu practice, flowing water is considered auspicious and bring positive energy in home and office place and even Feng-Shui practitioner recommend them most often.

Size does not matter anymore: It is a myth that water installations will require huge spaces in the room. Recently, there are enough designs in water installations that are compact and portable. Another allegory is that water features are only used in offices and commercial places. Now, even living room and bedroom is finding space for water installations. There are many ready-made, small and beautiful decorative waterfalls which can easily be arranged to beautify any corner.

Water pebbles add charm: We suggest decorating water installations with multi-colored lights and pebbles. The pebbles come in various size and luminosity. These lights will not only enhance water features but also the pebbles surrounding it. These water installations should always be complemented with other home decor essentials. Complimenting, may not necessarily means that it should match in color which remains a misconception at large. Striking contrast between objects can also make your rooms more appealing like displaying some black color water pebble in overall white theme decor may add value to the overall appeal.

Other artifacts that are often neglected in the bigger scheme of things: Few of the artifacts such as wall clocks, candles, handicrafts, paintings, etc. do come along in some phase of the other in home decoration, but is obviously not the first hand choice for many of us. Our suggestion is to make these a part of the bigger picture and give proper footage in the house that these artifacts deserve.

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Buy Paintings – Christmas celebration by Christians and non-Christians

Christmas is celebrated to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ, though the exact date of birth is still unknown. It is worldwide celebrated not just by Christians but by an ever increasing population of non-Christians as well. Though the manner in which it is celebrated across the world varies as per various traditions and culture. The beauty of living in any secular country lies in enjoying all festivals alike. India is a great example to all non-secular countries that loving and respecting all religions bring inner peace and show the path of righteousness and happiness.

The usual celebration includes church service, gift giving, family and other social gatherings, symbolic decorating, and secular processions or parades featuring Jesus Christ. According to a popular tradition, people wear red clothes and pose as Santa Claus to distribute sweets, gifts and shower blessings, especially to children. People light up their homes with fancy lights and decorate the Christmas tree with the help of small bulbs and ornaments. The adoption of putting up Christmas tree is very popular and widespread across the world. What is worth noticing here is that many people do not do many of the stuff which may be called a traditional way of celebrating Christmas but they all become part of the joy spread across in the festival season.

Many have taken this as another reason to celebrate the life and to get together with their families and friend to celebrate in full spirit. They like to exchange gifts, love and joy. Of late, exchange of paintings as gifts is gaining traction and becoming as a part of the culture in itself. According to popular tradition, the birth of Jesus Christ took place in a stable, surrounded by farm animals. This particular painting depicting the birth of Christ is the most popular among others. Other famous paintings include Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus Christ, holding him in her arms, and also religious processions. Painting of Jesus Christ in white clothes with spreading arms is also very popular.

The traditional colors associated with Christmas are red, green, and gold. Red symbolizes Christ’s blood depicting the sacrifice; green color is for the Christmas tree that is believed to bring calmness and peace to ones’ life; and gold is considered auspicious for celebration and decoration. Paintings containing these colors are always in acute demand during the Christmas season. Paintings using these colors are considered auspicious and bring prosperity, wealth, peace, calmness, tranquility and happiness in ones’ life. There are many online sites which help them in the selection to buy paintings in a way which would delight their loved ones. A beautiful gift always reminds them of your love and care. Love, care and joy are what Christmas is all about.

Landscape paintings – Home Decor to bring back Nature and Life

Landscape paintings – Home Decor to bring back Nature and Life

Ticking time and fast paced life have taken all of us far away from the Mother Nature. We all consider life as a race and try to run as fast as possible in a quest to outpace others. Distance from nature, hectic lifestyle and tremendous pressure, have compelled us to forget the quality of life in living in a natural environment. A natural environment where we can just sit, relax our nerves and rejuvenate. At least we can try to bring back the nature back to our living areas so that we can live a much happier and healthier life.

There cannot be a better alternative to a perfect natural setting than having a space for plants, birds, and flowers. However, there is more to nature than just this stuff, but it is hard to bring back those high mountains, deep gorges and rivers back into our homes. With the help of landscape paintings, we can still have mountains and rivers and place them right in front of our eyes. Imagine the amazing view of Mother Nature once we open our eyes after a good night’s sleep, and give us a great start to our day.

A landscape painting is perfectly described by Charles Lindbergh, a prominent American personality in the 1900s, as “Life is like a landscape. We live in the midst of it but can describe only from the vantage point of distance.” For most, a picture of a river valley, mountain peaks intertwined with deep blue skies or just a herd of cattle grazing over lush green grass invoke a sense of peace, calm and tranquility. However, for the most part of a landscape painting is meant to depict the environment as the artist’s vision. Nevertheless, landscape art could be entirely imaginary or real or both.

As in most art forms, there is a remarkable difference between Western and Eastern depictions of landscapes. Although the main subject of the painting is the scenic view of the painter, Eastern interpretations delve into spirituality and mysticism, while Western paintings portray a romanticized view of the painter.

In a landscape painting, usually the views of the sky, mountains, trees, and hut are painted together in a single painting. Painting them together might look easy to most of us who have never ever attempted to paint. However, landscape painting is a technique; especially the light and dark shades which are a feature of this genre of paintings. Lighter shades are used to keep objects in the background while other views are painted in dark shades to lead the eyes to them.

Some of the alternative painting techniques that are similar to or come within the broad coverage of landscapes and which cover the natural scenic beauty are Moonscape, Inscapes , Hardscapes, etc. There are many online portals which provide a detailed review of all such techniques and many of them have a decent collection of landscape paintings. We can buy paintings online from there which will help in giving a makeover to the home décor and to rejuvenate the senses in the lap of nature.

Room shading, unlocking the mystery of colors – Home decor series

All of us, at some point of time gets bogged down with just a plain simple question – how and what should we do to make our house different, appealing and a house we have never seen before. We want to create and arrange things in a way which would make it a different house; more soothing, more charming than the existing one.

For decoration, we first keep fetching those modern or traditional home decoration items from the market, always thinking “ohhh…what a lovely piece…it would really make my home really beautiful” and the reality is that when we reach home, it become difficult to find a suitable place to put that marvelous thing and then you curse yourself spending so much on that art object or painting.

What the way out of this vicious circle in which we first keeps on buying new articles to décor our sweet homes and at some point, it will end up increasing the clutter in house, taking up all the space of your home and you will feel tired in thinking what to do now to decorate your home when there is no space left to decorate it.

At that time, it calls for a change in the approach adopted so far to decorate your home and think before buying what you will do with the artifact/antique item which you want to buy so desperately.

Let’s now start thinking logically, whether you want to create a museum with beautiful paintings or you want a really nice home with enough space, aesthetic look and wisely chosen artifacts/paintings which go with the overall theme and pattern of your home.

We will talk about a color combination of two colors – Rusty Orange and Whitish Cream. White is the color which make the space in your house, it’s the color of the day, bright and light. It makes the room big, energetic and calm down your nerves. It is the color which will lift up your mood. So, let us plan to use this color in abundance. Imagine the room, bed, windows, and sideboard all in white except one wall which is in front of your bed. We will paint that wall with rusty orange shade and will have your bed sheet in a color combination which has large parts of this rusty orange shade.

This will have a beautiful color coded spacious room ready for our further decoration. We will now talk about buying nice beautiful paintings, vases, flowers for this room. The white vases and paintings with maximum whitish tones on this colored wall will look amazing. You can go online and check so many paintings on ArtsNyou.com and decide which one will suit the room before actually going for actual purchase. All the artifacts you intend to purchase must gel with each other so be sure what you want to buy before actually buying it, otherwise you will again be struck in that circle of collecting pieces to add clutter rather than home decoration.

Redecorating Home is Fun

5 Fun, Easy and Affordable Ways to Redecorate Home

With the festivities around the corner, all of us are busy cleaning and decorating our homes. Everyone wants to give a new look to the house, but with the hectic lifestyle and soaring prices of the decorative items, we tend to hide that aspiration to ourselves and just compromise with our fancy ideas for decorations.

This is the time to divulge in the unsatisfied dream of home decoration. Here are five easy steps and methods of home decorations:

  1. Curtains: The best way to give your house a vibrant look is by using curtains with various color combinations. There are umpteen options including printed, blocks, floral and mix & match options of the vibrant and soothing colors to give your house that perfect color combination. The vibrant colors make our life colorful and the lighter shades provide us relief and give a relaxing environment. It is suggested to use vibrant colors in the living area where we meet our friends and loved ones, share ideas and live countless fun filled moments with them. The bedroom should be decorated in base or pastel shades to bring out a relaxing mood.
  2. Plants: If you are a nature lover, there is no better way than refreshing the mood with some new greens in your house. Bring some plants as per the available space and surroundings. If the space is less or cramped then bonsais are a good substitute for the big huge plants. Flower bonsais and fruits bonsais, both are available in a huge variety.
  3. Antique items: A mid-sized and metallic-finished statue placed on one side of the living room can be a show- stealer. However, it does not mean that you need to shell out a huge amount from pocket to place such distinguished item in your living room. These days many art-pieces like statutes, crystal bowls, a wooden carved shade or a marble elephant can be purchased from décor stores without putting too much burden on your pocket.
  4. Paintings: Wall of the house can be redecorated with fabulous paintings and art prints. For these, there are many online art galleries available today, and it should not take much time to select a wonderful painting. The next step after selecting a beautiful painting would be to chose ambient and decorative lights to highlight it and give life to the otherwise dull walls.
  5. Lightings: Proper lighting in a house can re-energize while dull lighting can spoil the whole décor. It is of utmost importance to use new concepts like defused lighting which should be used together with direct lightings to highlight the eminent places and décor items placed inside the home.

Care should be taken to have all these items to match a common theme like traditional, modern, etc. and color combinations for different décor items should go with each other. Themes can also be based on colors or flower based themes or abstract themes with patterns. Besides, all the above ideas, which provides kind of long term solutions for home decor, there are certain decorative items like fancy lights of different shapes, diyas, candles and rangoli is likely to bring additional touch to your already well decorated house.

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Theme based decoration

Theme based decoration: A Reflection of Ones’ Lifestyle and Personality

All important decisions in life should be contemplated and planned accordingly. Selecting an appropriate home decor theme is one such choice where lots of advice is available online. For those who do not have enough knowledge about different themes of home decor, we recommend them to read well before deciding on the correct theme for the living space. A theme tells a lot about a person’s character, personality and mood. A lively person will always like to base the theme full of vibrant colors and loves to experiment. A steady state mind will decide upon the theme only once and then sticks with it for a long time. Therefore, a theme reflects person’s lifestyle and includes furniture, colors, paintings and accessories. In this article, we will discuss two most common themes from the various options available in the market.

Vintage Theme: This particular theme peaks in the past year and looks more traditional. Use of rich colors usually marks the base of any home decor theme. Rajasthan theme has rich colors such as orange and red. The furniture is wooden which is usually in brown and green in color and is well polished. Use of leather in furniture upholstery is very prevalent in Rajasthani theme. On the other hand, Gujrati theme relies more on printed tabletops, engraved panels and wall brackets from carved wood. A big pot for flowers, low wooden seating arrangement and wooden carvings of ducks and elephants are used for decoration. Leather is a major ornament in vintage style which is used in lamp shades and other accessories of the home décor. A low seating divan is also very common in vintage style of home décor.

Contemporary Theme: In this theme, simplicity takes the center stage with contrasting color scheme. This style of decoration gives a lot of freedom in the choice of color, texture and patterns. Contrasting color scheme means choosing lighter shades for walls with dark color furniture. Wallpapers can be used to add glamour to the living room. The arrangement of different accessories such as lamp shades, pebbles and other furniture can take any form that looks good together.

Combination of Contemporary and Ethnic Theme: Most people welcome the combined theme of both contemporary and ethnic. If dressed up meticulously, this theme works out just fine. Try mixing vibrant hues such as orange, red, and purple (contemporary) with earthly colors (vintage) for the living room. Use of paintings and mirrors in the room add charm to the home decor. Effective use of candles and brass made diyas fill the void in the home decor for the living room. There are many sites available for buying candles and such decorative items online.

Art and Paintings: In our view, selecting the right color scheme for the walls is just a part of the complete home decor. You can buy paintings in blue, purple and reddish tones to mimic that amazing effect. One may also choose sunset or sunrise realistic or abstract paintings to decor the walls. The wall design will be complete only when it is accentuated with beautiful paintings. Buy paintings online with a brown color theme look good on a green colored wall and look appealing with a wooden sofa with cream color upholstery. Orange color painting looks good on a white color wall and pink color painting mixes well with a peach color wall. Try to use diffused light and search online to choose the best lighting to illuminate the paintings which gives overall enhanced look to the home. Use picture lights which come in various sizes and shapes to bring focus back to the central masterpiece.

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Home decor which welcome exciting, new and amazing Life

Ever wondered what is missing in your life to make it complete, interesting, exciting and full of fun. Today, many of us have almost everything in life from designer clothes to swanky cars. But still something is there that constantly pinches you and makes you feel like a loner. Is there someone special left behind in the backstage that once meant everything to you and always took the centre stage? With so much happening around – personal life, friendship, office that we often forget how much your life is indebted to your life partner or someone special.

We all know from within that love is still there but just remembrance isn’t enough and such love and emotions should be showed or communicated in such a way that takes your beloved back to those lovely days. Remember the first time when you held her hand and proposed her lifetime of togetherness, love, warmth and care. How you looked into her eyes and said those three magical words. How she responded back with a yes with glittering eyes. The real problem is not that you have lost the loving feeling but it is about breaking the ice because sometimes the gap widens so much that it is almost impossible to strike a conversation.

Do you want to relive those magical moments but do not know how and where to start. Kindly enter in the world of GIFTS, which creates amazing bond between people. Just look at this scenario where there are you and your sister both have Rs. 500/- but instead of shopping for yourself, you shop for your sister and your sister shops for you. Here both of you at the end of it are getting something you wanted for yourself but in a much better way.

Are you still figuring it out of to choose gifts from and where to find them? Do not worry! You do not need to step out in the scorching sun and other unfriendly weather conditions; neither there is any need to roam around crowded marketplaces. ArtsNyou gives you an opportunity to surprise your beloved by framing her most memorable snap, picture which has memories to cherish. Golden moments which were long forgotten need to be wrapped around your love to make it a unique gift.

Just upload the image and we will print, frame and deliver it at your doorstep. If you do not have such snap from the past, choose from our unending collection of paintings and artwork which have everything in them to make for a wonderful gift. It is never too late and never enough to let your life partner or someone special know the depth of your feeling.

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Colour Therapy for your HOME DECOR

Colors and a right amount of light can be soothing to the eyes and rejuvenate the mind and soul. Selection of colors is crucial and should be contemplated well before finalizing it. Just as people rejuvenate from the boredom of daily routine and mundane life, home too need rejuvenate. It is widely believed that home give peace and helps us to gear up for the next challenge in life. In this article, we will focus and give suggestions on how to find peace in home.

Use soothing colours: There are colours available which are considered to be ‘soothing colours’. To name a few: Blue, green, violet, pastels and cream are categorised as cool colours. Use those colours which have the property to reflect light and keep the room cool. Colour combinations can also be considered while painting the room. Cream-brown, green-white and blue-cream are few of the combination that are tried and tested. Remember that lighter shade give a feeling of expanded area and make your rooms look bigger and the darker shades just do the oppsite.

Wallpapers: First decide on how you want the wall to look like, whether paint it or paste wallpaper. There are various types of wallpapers available in the market which can complete the overall the style statement of the room. Choose ‘soothing colours’ while selecting the wall colour or the wallpaper. We suggest you to buy painting or wall murals for the wall even with the wall paper on it. Again, colours in the painting should complement the overall home decor scheme.

Green garden: Have a lawn at the rooftop and water it properly and regularly to keep the room cool. We suggest having few green plants in the room which will surely have psychological positive impact on the human mind and soul. While choosing plants for your interior home, please remember that not all plants can survive in the closed premises, so select only indoor plant or you may choose good artificial ones as well for places which cannot come in contact with moisture. Have you heard of gardens in the balconies, maybe it is for you to try as these days roofs have become a luxury and not all people can have that.

Other art object are often neglected in the bigger scheme of things: Few of the artefacts such as wall clocks, candles and handicrafts do come along in some phase of the other in home decoration, but is obviously not the first hand choice for many of us. Our suggestion is to make these a part of the bigger picture and give proper footage in the house that these artefacts deserve.

Even though in this internet age, things have become much easier but still there is wide knowledge gap between what information you are seeking for your home decor and what is being provided to you by popular search engine. We take this opportunity to list down few sites which really provide good information about home décor and interior designing – Pepperfry.com, Fabfurnish.com and ArtsNyou.com

World Famous Artist who spent their lives for paintings

August Robert Ludwig Macke

Born in Germany in 1887, August Robert Ludwig Macke was one of the most famous painters in the era of an innovative German Expressionist movement. His paintings concentrate primarily on expressing feelings and moods rather than reproducing objective reality, usually distorting color and form.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841–1919) was a French artist who was a leading painter in the development of the Impressionist style. The untamed nature of the garden lends itself to the broad and varied brushwork of the Impressionist style, which in Renoir’s case achieved unprecedented freedom and expressiveness. Renoir was a very famous painter in the art world and painted several thousand arts in his lifetime.

José Victoriano (Carmelo Carlos) González-Pérez

José Victoriano (Carmelo Carlos) González-Pérez is better known as Juan Gris (1887-1927). He was born in Spain but lived and worked for most of his life in France. This artwork comes under still life category, which is an artwork that depicts either natural or man-made common place objects. Still life style paintings were prevalent before 1700 but still hold a special place in the hearts of art lovers. In most of his artwork, the artist captured the confusion and dilemma of the modern life in his paintings. The top auction price for a Gris’s art work was USD20.8 million which was set by his 1915 still life titled, Livre, pipe et verres.

Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890) was born in Netherlands and belonged to the post-Impressionist era. His talent work was far reaching and well appreciated for his notable work across the world. Van Gogh moved away from the traditional Impressionist connection with nature to a world of agitation that was portrayed in his artwork. His life was cut short by a deadly illness that claimed his life at the age of 37 years. During his last days, he painted various paintings showcasing outside world and starry nights looking through his window from the dead bed.

William-Adolphe Bouguereau

William-Adolphe Bouguereau (1825-1905) was a French academic painter and traditionalist, and his paintings were centered on female human body. His paintings were very famous in France and the United States, where he received many awards and accolade for his paintings. His artwork gallery had 822 known finished paintings.

Eugene Henri Paul Gauguin

Eugene Henri Paul Gauguin (1848-1903) was better known as Paul Gauguin. His paintings belonged to a post-Impressionist era with a lot of experimental colors used in it. Later on, Paul Gauguin’s artwork influenced French avant garde and manu modern artists. Addicted to alcohol, this famous artist breathed his last at the age of 54.

Franz Marc

Born in Germany in 1880, Franz Marc, was one of the most famous painters in the era of an innovative German Expressionist movement. His paintings concentrate primarily on expressing feelings and moods rather than reproducing objective reality, usually distorting color and form. During his lifetime, he developed a great affinity for a fellow artist and painter, Vincent van Gogh.

Albert Bierstadt

Albert Bierstadt, born in 1830, was a German-American artist and was one of the most popular painters of his time. One of Albert’s paintings, worldwide known as ‘Rocky Mountains at Lander’s Peak’ became a critical and popular success that was sold in 1865 for $25,000. His paintings are articulate of the depiction of the American West’s sweeping landscapes.



Unleash the NEW YOU via paintings

There is never a better time to do something new around you and there is no better place than home to begin the flow of creativity. Many of us want to do new things constantly, which is a good thing but many a times it’s difficult to know what we should do. So, here we go in our effort to help all those people to keep on reinventing and redecorating their homes, we bring out this article with some mind boggling niche topics and ways to unleash the new you.

What do you like most? Do you love those Bright Colors or you are fan of antique things which have Rusty & Dull colors? These are the kind of question you must ask yourself as at the end of it, your home should look like to be something which you must like, isn’t it.

Are you a fan of old masters like Van Gogh or John William Godward. If not, are you in love with modern paintings, abstract paintings from the likes of Salvador Dali or MF Hussain. If you don’t like the old and if you don’t like the new and famous, that is also not the problem. All you need is to have some patience, keep trust on your eyes and buy some paintings online from upcoming artist which have something to your liking.

So do you like it small or big? Let’s keep the discussion to arts and paintings only. Size – another problem which needs to be tacked. There are all types of paintings available to choose from – what do you want to choose, a series or combination of small paintings will look good or a single large masterpiece in the center of the wall. What do you think is the way ahead?

Most of people like rectangular landscape shaped art work but some people really like to go with multiple portrait painting with some sort of magical combination which also looks very beautiful on walls. If you like, we could suggest going for squarish center piece and two matching portrait side pieces on either side.

What more you can ask for in the spring season, let such flowers decorate your home which will not rot away with time. These magical flower paintings will mesmerize everyone within minutes.

Food for thought, if you want to consider Vaastu or Fengshui while choosing and selecting from various options but if you are from that cadre who don’t care till the time thing looks good, who are we to complain. What is important that you really like it and that is really important. Buy Seven Horses is one of such amazing depicture which is beautiful to the eyes and also recommended by vaastu and fengshui experts bring positive energy in your home and business place.

ArtsNyou.com is amazing place to buy paintings and art online for home decoration. Many artists have come together online and have shared their beautiful creative art work and paintings. We truly believe that everybody have sweet home, why not make it even sweeter.