Ten Steps of Home Decorations

Decoration of a new home or refurbishing an existing one is an art and not a science. We linked decoration to art as it is perceived differently by different people, unlike science which is understood commonly by everyone. The concept of Decoration is also similar to a canvas where ideas flow knowing no boundaries and where imagination and personal feelings find a platform to be appreciated by all. Decoration as per ones’ taste and style may be a gateway to find tranquility and relaxation, which are required to keep away the stress associated with our daily lives. As erratic and stressful times make it increasingly difficult to find tranquility and relaxation in our lives, through new ideas or creativity we have to find the way to get relaxation in our lives. Below, we enlist 10 ways or methods that we think would be useful to understand more about decoration and its possible application to homes and offices.

  1. Selecting the right combination of wall colors: One thing that one cannot avoid noticing in a home is the walls and its colors. Close your eyes and gather your thoughts to imagine what could be the best combination of wall colors that suits your personality and style. Few of the most common color combinations that can be considered while painting the room are: Cream-brown, green-white and blue-cream.
  2. Natural and Light fabrics:Most of the natural fabrics are derived from natural fibers of animal coast. Leather is the most common natural fabric with an interesting natural texture. Cotton is another natural fabric that is considered as a symbol of comfort that can also be used to make a lot of luxuries items.
  3. Well Designed Furniture: Furniture is conceivably the most important aspect of decoration, mainly because of its usability quotient. We suggest choosing furniture that is simple and bodes well with the overall decoration theme.. Basic material used in the furniture should be high in quality and made of natural materials as these bring a sense of warmth and relaxation. Apart from the conventional designs, there are many unconventional style of furniture available in the market.
  4. Categories: Categorization is the best form that can make things look organized, such as organizing books in shelf with accurate size order and keeping in mind of the color aspect. If there are some similar color patterns that are present on the cover of the books then it needs to be placed together, this increases the show and looks better. Similarly, if you are trying to hang up paintings then the colors used in the paintings should match with the wall color; painting’s size should be selected as per the room’s size.
  5. Organize things with good arrangements: As per the above discussion, a simple decoration can look amazing if the articles within the decoration theme are organized., The strategy behind Organizing is “Comfort-ability”. If we have organized things after making categories than it is very easy to find them, like if we have to find a book than we can go to the book shell than search out the name of the book and can pick that out.
  6. Hang out the Designer Lights: For a fully calming and comforting space, we suggest replacing harsh and blazing lights with calming, nature-inspired or candle lights. The most important step is to place different sources of light which will allow you to control the intensity and the areas to be lighted. As a precautionary measure, we should avoid projecting a strong direct light from the ceiling. Other possibilities could be mixing to a floor lamp, a lamp set and an indirect light together to make the decoration theme look more glamorous and appealing.
  7. Green garden: Have a lawn at the rooftop and water it properly and regularly to keep the room cool. We suggest having few green plants in the room which will surely have psychological positive impact on the human mind and soul.
  8. Hang up some Paintings: As per the latest trend in decoration, paintings are precious articles and should be made a part of the overall decoration theme. With the mass adoption of online shopping, people now have new exciting options by which they can buy paintings online at ArtsNyou. Again, selection of the paintings should match the style and personality of its home owners. There are new concepts which keep your home decoration state of art and your wall themselves became masterpiece if you put one of such paintings on it. Buy such beautiful art like Sunset Designer Art set on ArtsNyou.com.
  9. Wallpapers: First decide on how you want the wall to look like, whether paint it or paste wallpaper. There are various types of wallpapers available in the market which can complete the overall the style statement of the room. Choose ‘soothing colors’ while selecting the wall color or the wallpaper. We suggest you to buy painting or wall decals for the wall even with the wall paper on it. Again, colors in the painting should complement the overall home decor scheme.
  10. Arrange some good Design Curtains: We believe curtains complete the decoration of the home. A bit of embroidery work or an artwork on the curtains give that extra vibe in decoration. Always choose soft and natural colors for the Curtain unless you want to create something very dramatic.


Interior Decoration – An Art or Profession

The art of creation and decoration is a blessing and a gift from the god which everybody possesses but only few are able to master it. Many of such few chose to spend their life in creating and designing something new to decorate a room or a building, to make it a better place. A Beautifully decorated interior is a sign of “Happiness” as it creates a mood or a feeling of the happiness all around it. For some people, this is a show-off kind of a thing to their friends, family relations and more and for others; Interior Decor is a part of their overall personality & they keep good care of it and continuously seek improvement that ensures decorating success. The Interior Decorations is implies that how you are living, so it is mandatory to be think and discuss with the family, before painting and decorating, search for different areas like look through magazines and pull out ideas that how you can decorate your room or whatever you want.

In the past, Builders and people both assumes the interior decoration as the part of the process of building constructions but the mentality of toward that assumption keeps on diluting by the early 17th century. Throughout 17th and 18th century, interior decoration becomes a very big topic for discussion before it could be implemented. Builders and Architects would also employ the “Craftsmen” and “Artists” to complete interior design for their projects.

Whether decorating a newly constructed house or updating a pre-built house, in both the case people don’t know how to decorate the best interiors, gathering things like showpiece or paintings which makes people happy. In the latest days, people gather things online for interior decoration like they can buy paintings online, buy home décor things online.

Paintings is perhaps the most popular thing for Interior decoration, many of the paintings like Abstract paintings, Landscape paintings, Religious paintings, etc are available online which may very helpful for the interior decoration. For giving the beautiful touch in the Interior decoration paintings are using worldwide. Wall strikers, ceramic vases, artificial flowers, etc. are among other things which are often used by interior designer as inexpensive and great way of enhancing the beauty of the home decor. The professions of Interior decoration are widely been adopted but not clearly defined for a description format, in the term of the process it totally depends upon the place where it will be applying. Many interior designers are using online shopping sites to look out for fabulous art pieces and art work. Online platforms like ArtsNyou.com help both interior designer and artists to get together and by all this, end customer is lot benefitted by time and cost reduction in overall project completion. The choice is in plenty, got stuck in the individual situation for the interior decorations, at that time paintings the only things which can help them.