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Home decor – That is enchanting, elegant and uncomplicated

Fabulous sunset art - The designer set
Abstract painting - The modern maze
Flames and fragrance - The designer art

Home decor should be enchanting, elegant and uncomplicated. With proper guidance, thought, reading and awareness, one can distinguish home decor from others and add panache to make it unique. Time is changing and now making home decor unique does not necessarily mean burning a hole in the pocket. But what is required is proper planning, selecting right home decor artifacts and mix and blend them to look trendy and simple, yet graceful. Let us see how and with what home decor accessories we can decorate our homes and offices:

Decoration Theme: With changing times, home decor takes one style or the other, including, contemporary, ethnical, and vaastu-compliant or a mix of one or two main themes. Ponder diligently about the decoration theme and decide which could be the one that would suit your lifestyle, style and personality. The idea to finishing a room is to organize home decor articles around similar colors and to display like objects with like objects.

Taste and style of its inhabitants does matter. Each person’s individual choice and style should converge together to come up with the best possible blended style. Rooms for older people should be decorated differently compared with that of children’s. Elderly living spaces should be subtle and sublime with natural colors and antique wooden furniture, whereas children’s rooms should be jazzy, vibrant, and bright.

Color theme: Decision on a single or multiple color schemes for walls should be contemplated well before splurging money on everything and anything. The overall color scheme should be in sync with color of different home decor articles placed in the room. Even the most expensive article would be look like a dime if the color scheme is wayward. We would like to share certain color scheme ideas that are liked by respective genders. Pink (no points for guessing though) is the most preferred color for women. Close to pink, purple is another color that is preferred by women worldwide. Men prefer black, brown or green color shades to base their bedroom decor. We suggest that inhabitants should try and find a way to select color schemes that are of common interest. Light colors lift the mood and feel bright, while dark colors can sometimes make the surroundings gloomy. However, there is one good thing about dark walls as it makes a small room feel bigger. Light color on both walls and cabinets instantly brightens a space making it look larger and in turn, more expensive. Light colors reflect light and hide scratches, dings and dents in the old cabinets. Selecting the right color combination is as important as the articles inside the room, few of the color schemes include blue and purple, red and orange, cream and brown, pink and peach, green and yellow, grey and brown, beige and white, and red and orange. Each color has its own characteristic and represents a hidden message that speaks a lot about the person.

Select locations to decorate. Give your effort, time, and money to the spaces within the home that are most visible to maximize its appeal. Identify walls that get the maximum exposure in terms of visibility. Try to decorate it with a large painting or a combination of paintings, particularly collage of paintings. Choose colors of the painting that bodes well with wall, upholstery and other home decor articles colors. Painting style should suit the personality and style and must harmonize the overall home decor scheme. Start with identifying the corners in the home and then decide how you want to use that portion. Decorating corners may be complicated but if done with elegance should be create enough spaces for you to experiment with different decor styles. These sections when decorated carefully can convert into a place to read, having breakfast, lunch and dinner, quite conversation with your loved ones and reading books. Placing a statue or sculpture of a deity on the wooden low height table at the room corner adds glamour to the overall decoration scheme. Additionally, we can place a glass, fiber or plastic of plastic vase on the table at the edge of the room.

Collage as Decoration: A Collage can be made a part of the decoration theme that can justify its place in the decoration theme if three to four figurative, landscape or abstract paintings can be combined together. Remember, the color of the collage should be selected based on a single color theme or a mutli-color theme; either way, the color used in the collage should complement the overall decoration theme of the home. We suggest having a collage in the bedroom or the living room as it adds glamour to the room and shows ones creative side. A collage can also be placed alongside the staircase.

Kitchen: Kitchen is a small world and everything from a small celebration to everyday chores of the day starts it. We suggest ceramic gloss paint or emerald green for the kitchen with stainless steel paint for appliances. Painting style such as “still life” is the perfect fit for kitchen with fruits, vegetables and drinks painted on it. Remember, the color of the painting should match with the overall decoration scheme of the kitchen.

“Me” time: To introspect we need alone time and these spaces should be treated strictly according to the taste of the individual. A reading buff should consider having a recliner chair and a shelf to keep books on it. Place a beautiful lampshade beside the recliner to add charm and glamour to the room. These places can also be used to have quite conversations with family and friends. Bean bags, a small table and a flower vase can be placed meticulously to make the space look beautiful. Additionally, we suggest a two-seater dining table decorated with candles, vases and flowers with the wall behind decorated with wall murals, paintings or a beautiful wall clock. But the bottom line, do not overdo the space with articles.

Regulated lighting adds charm: Lighting is an ingredient part of home decor and varies according to different sections of the home. Kitchen should be well lit, drawing room can have fluorescent or bright lights and bedroom should be lit dim. Few of the lighting accessories that lighten up the room and look amazing include light shades, chandeliers, candles, and pendant lights, among many others. Dimmers to control the lighting of the above mentioned light sources are advised. Historically, candles have been used to mark celebrations, especially birthdays and festivals. Of late, candlesform an imperative part of the home decor scheme and gone are the days when they were used just to illuminate surroundings. With time, more work has gone into making candles more desirable by altering its shapes to make it look more admirable and beautiful. As a result, these are increasingly being used to add charm and glamour especially in the living room. Different kinds of candles are pleasing to the eye, aromatic and aesthetic and all are made from wax. We can use candle holders, lamps and designer chandeliers to hold candles and place these in our home and enjoy the warm surroundings. Without much debate, candles are also used to add a hint of romance.

Strictly with respect to decoration,flowingwater is always better stagnant water, mostly because of its charming sound and different effects of light on the water with a constant flow of stream. Using various color combinations at different junctures of the water flow can make a difference in the overall decoration scheme.

Religious painting and artifacts: Adding a spiritual angle to our lives can be both positive and calming. Placing Radha-Krishna painting or statues in the house bring opulence, welfare and good health. It spreads warmness and people find themselves in tranquility and accord. Radha-Krishna is a symbol of love and new-wed couples should always keep them in their vicinity that keep the love spark between them forever. There are many artifacts including Radha Krishna paintings and Radha Krishna statues and sculptures are available in the market. Wall murals and wall hangings with pictures of Radha Krishna engraved on them add magnetism and bliss to the home. Another deity that is widely worshipped is Ganesha. Everyone starts the day or a fresh work, assignment, material possession by invoking Ganesha.

Vaastu for Well-Being: Vaastu plays a significant role in the welfare of the family members. We recommend certain tips and guiding principles that would help make the home vaastu-compliant. Having certain articles placed at proper positions would add harmony within the family. It is widely believed that ‘Om’ word has more than 100 meanings and when chanted invokes all five senses in the human body. We strongly recommend having ‘Om’ engraved on the entry door or hang ‘Om painting’ in the north-east direction. It will bring serenity, peace, calm and prosperity within thefamily. Broken articles, statues and paintings of deity should be destroyed. Additionally, defective articles such as clocks, furniture and appliances should be kept away from home as it stalls the progress in the tasks undertaken.

Choosing paintings and artifacts as per Vaastu and Feng Shui compliance can add harmony in the family. As per Vaastu and Feng-Shui, paintings depicting ‘Seven Horses’, ‘Tortoise’ and ‘Laughing Buddha’ can have an affirmative effect on the well-being of the family members.

Home decor accessories: Wall murals, wall hangings, wall decals and wall stickers add glamour and allure to the home decor. Colors of these articles should bode well with the overall home decor setting. There are other artifacts that are often neglected in the bigger scheme of things, including wall clocks and handicrafts. Our suggestion is to make these a part of the bigger picture and give proper footage in the house that these artifacts deserve.

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Decorations of Bathroom with Home Decor Accessories

The bathroom might be the smallest room in the house, but it can really pack a punch when it comes to interior design. In general, many homeowners don’t take enough risks with their bathroom decorations. Bathrooms are about cleanliness, sure, but, from a decorating point of view, they’re about creating mood, mood like to view everything in well-organized arrangements. Accessories are one of the batter things which make a bathroom highly decorated and becomes a relax place. You can choose your bathroom accessories with very carefully, making a combination of design, color and lightening. Modern bathroom design and decor can be created with some simple steps and quick home staging tips. You can update your bathroom without a major renovation and spending lots of money on new bathroom decor.

  • Choose the floor tiles with very light colors: New floor tiles or teak floor covering are great ideas to cover unappealing old floors, and add more comfort and style to modern bathroom design. Floor tiles over the old floor creates warmer floor and decorate your bathroom design with modern tiles colors and patterns. Without replacing an old floor covering your bathroom redesign will cost less and be quick.
  • Choose the wall tiles with the combination of the floor tiles:Choose wall tiles over wall panels. Some manufacturers offer large wall tiles that are originally designed for installation over the old bathroom tiles. Painted walls can be partially covered by modern bathroom tiles, creating beautiful accents wall design that enhance bathroom decor. Here the combination of the floor tiles with the wall tiles is more than important.
  • Applied lighting can be creative:White lighting is a key to arise a shine of any space, it is especially important to bathrooms. Proper lighting not only makes a space seem larger and shiny, it makes a feel relaxed too for any person. This isn’t to say that one cannot have a dark or a moody bathroom either. If it’s a larger room than dramatic or creative lighting can work.
  • Choose a perfect and a large mirror: A large wall mirror is great for small bathroom design and decorating. Elongated large mirrors on doors can be dressed in Baroque style or contemporary style frames, bringing additional attractive details into modern bathroom design and enhancing bathroom decorating styles and color schemes. A mirror can be a statement Piece or Art.
  • Bathroom Accessories: Bathroom accessories are decorative and functional. Yes, a trash can is considered an accessory and can be rather chic! Adding a pretty soap dish, tray, and tissue holder will also add style. Similar to an outfit, keep your bathroom’s accessories consistent using similar colors and finishes.
  • An Element of Art: Bathroom art is often debatable, after all, it is the bathroom. We say go for it. Just like any other room, art completes a space. The element might be a painting, a sticker etc. One can hang up some Paintings and wall stickers in the bathroom to make feel good.

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Home Decor to suit winters

“When it gets cold outside, it’s time to cozy up inside”, that is the mantra for changing decoration in the winter. Everyone wants to concentrate on long term value of warmth. Every house owner wants to be prepared before winter comes, so we suggest to start early with the decorations theme for the winter season before it actually arrives. While winter is making its presence felt with cold nights and chilly days, you can warm up the bedroom without making drastic changes. So here are a few pointers for you and your guests to feel warm inside your house at the time of winter.

• Throw out or donate your fleece blankets and new ones from the market. There are a lot of varieties in the market or the e-commerce websites. Apart from sleeping in them, you can use them to drape your sofa. Place them on the back of the sofa in the day time and enjoy the pattern and design as your sofa cover which will also add a bit of warmth to your house.

• Bring your fireplace to life which has been eating dust the whole year long. If you don’t have a fireplace, buy some candles and place them on the dining table or side boards. It gives a very warm feel to the house and also give you a chance to have some romantic candle light dinners with your family.

• Surroundings bring warmth so contemplate before hanging decorating home with wall murals, artifacts and paintings. Particular to paintings, we suggest hanging few fierce paintings with warm colors. Though literally, these paintings do not spread warmth but psychologically this helps a lot in setting up a warm feeling around. There is a wide range of paintings available in the online market from where anyone can select paintings wit ease.

• Add decorative pillows and designer cushions to add warmth to the living room, guest room, and beds. There are good accessories that add a cozy feeling to your rooms and are just plain fun to use- under your head, over your legs, hugged between your arms, and they actually do help to keep you warm besides those throws you’ve gotten out.

We have many sites to buy artifacts and buy paintings online and recommend you to visit ArtsNyou.com, the online shopping destination to buy wall murals, wall hangings, handicrafts, buy paintings based on Indian paintings, landscape paintings, abstract paintings, art prints, figurative paintings that are stylish, trendy and beautiful – the Shopping that is easy on the pockets, the Shopping that offers all the famous paintings from various artists worldwide, and the Shopping that is simpler, easier, faster and always Online.