Trendy Styles for Interior Decorations

Interior designing is a specialized area where passion finds a way to showcase thoughts, personality and style. Let the free-flowing ideas create something unique that is both charming and smooth. A successful home decor is function of three main things that include mood, taste and personality. We should always try to include new trends in home decor to the existing one to ensure that we keep pace with the world. It is always a good idea to constantly discuss the new trends in home design with family members as there is always an area of improvement. Study your home dimensions well in advance before finalizing the new trends in home decor, e.g. existing wall color, overall home decor theme and flooring.

First you must have to pick and choose a color pattern

Color theme play an important part in all facets of home decor including decorating a new home, re-decorating an existing one or introducing a new trend. Like every organized thing in the world, overall color theme as well follows a certain pattern. Home decoration can be an exasperating hassle if you do not arm yourself with some knowledge beforehand. Fortunately, with the right tips and tricks in mind, you can make interior designing and decorating into a satisfying and expressive endeavor. A major aspect of decorating your home is choosing a color palette. The tips below will help you to pick colors for interior decorating that will make your home a cohesive, personal expression of your tastes and also suites your personality . There are many options of various color combinations available in the market. A list a few are: blue and purple, red and orange, cream and brown, pink and peach, green and yellow, grey and brown, beige and white, and red and orange. Each color has its own characteristic and a hidden message that speaks a lot about the person.

Set of Four Paintings

Combinations of four paintings make to look as one big painting is a new trend in home decoration. The painting theme and thought remain intact in all of the four pieces. A beautiful sunset with a scenic landscape painting with mountains and rivers is broken into four well aligned pieces. These pieces when place together look amazing and the wall find a clear preference for them.

Set of four paintings

Frame within a Frame

Quite prevalent new design is the concept of displaying a painting in a frame within a bigger frame. The two frames could be different in shapes, styles and texture. The idea is to maintain the overall decoration theme of the home décor and the two frame designs should be complementary. Though any painting style looks great in this particular scheme, but few of the styles that look awesome include abstract painting and figurative painting.

Frame in Frame

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50 Success Tips for Building, Renovation and Home Decoration

New Home is a dream of everyone and no one wants to leave any stone unturned to decorate it with various decorating styles which are different, appealing and charming to everyone from design and decoration perspective. Home should have comfort, coziness and style which should stand out.

However, for folks who would be building or searching for the new ways or ideas for decoration, it is really very difficult to get everything right in the first step. We will try to lay down sequence of steps which should take you down the path of right decoration style. We will also try to explain the logic and methods of judging the different varieties available in the market. However, decoration style is a subjective matter as it depends on individuals’ choice, style and personality. This article should make your decision making rather more conscious, try to provide objective opinion to ease things a bit and help you decide better.

People usually decorate their homes according to their taste and style. They normally decorate based on a single theme and style, ranging from contemporary, ethnical, vaastu-compliant or a mix of one or two main themes. Think diligently over it and decide which could be the one that could suit your way of living, style and personality.

We will try to provide home decoration guide for first timers’ as to how to start from the stage where the building structure is already been built or is already in place but there is lot to do after that before it could take shape of your dream home.

1. Overall Color Theme: Now even the first step is dicey as often couple fight over the choice and ultimate selection of the primary color theme for the house. We suggest that the couple should somehow try and select a color that is of interest to both. Decorating the home with a single color is only advisable when it is adored by everybody. If not, then couples should avoid painting everything in one color. Each color has its own characteristic and a hidden message that speaks a lot about the person.

2. Room based color selection: Bedroom is the only area in the home that is considered private by women and men alike. Pink (no points for guessing) is the most preferred color for women and want to paint and decorate everything in this color only. Running second is the purple color which is preferred by women worldwide. Men prefer black, brown or green color shades to base their bedroom décor with. Selecting a color combination as bedroom decor should be preferred as gives a freedom to experiment with the other accessories in the bedroom. There are many options of various color combinations available in the market. A list a few are: blue and purple, red and orange, cream and brown, pink and peach, green and yellow, grey and brown, beige and white, and red and orange.

3. Door Paneling (Chowkhat): This is one of the main and foremost step which is important cause of many factors. One, until you finalize the door paneling, you may not be able to start with other important aspects like choosing Flooring as Tiles/Marbles cannot be laid out without finishing the installation of Door panels. Second, there is lack of organized/branded market to choose from and if one is looking out for some high quality branded products and want to do Cost/Quality analysis, it is difficult to do that. Third, in unorganized market, there is no dearth of qualities available and it would be difficult to take conscious decision without relying upon the reputation of the local dealers selling this product. The options available are: Wooden, Marble, Aluminum and uPVC door paneling. Every option has its pros and cons but in India, traditionally wooden is considered to be rich and friendly for door paneling. It also look aesthetic. Marble Door paneling is also catching up and quite popular in near coastal line regions. We will discuss all these in detail in our coming article as to how one can make conscious decision and select the best one for their sweet homes.

4. Window Paneling (Window Frames): Window are the life line of your home and the choice really depends on the locality and the window facing of the home which usually governs the factors like pollution, noise, scenic openings, weather condition, heat resistance, etc. The options available traditionally were wooden but uPVC windows are catching up fast thanks to the durability, ease of setup and aesthetic looks they bring to the home. Though this is little bit more organized then the door panels but if one wants to go for wooden windows, the story is same and getting good quality product at reasonable price is matter of luck unless you are master of wood science. We will cover this more in coming article but if you want to opt for uPVC windows, Fenesta is definitely an option to take into consideration. There are other good players as well but they are offering international brand in India.

5. Flooring: Floors and Ceilings are the most important factors that influence the overall home decoration efforts and choosing them wisely will not only be the factor which you will cherish for long but will also have bearing on ways you can go forwards in your overall home decoration and theme selection. It is no secret that as you move toward white/lighter shades of color, the overall space in home looker bigger. Keeping that in mind, we recommend that light shades of flooring material for the flats where floor to height ratio is not that much in comparison to traditional house or villas. There are plenty of choices in this space both in unorganized as well as in branded space. Vitrified Tiles, Marble, Granite and Wooden flooring are ruling the heart these days. Vitrified Tiles have bending problems in larger sizes due to which the joints tend to catch dirt more often than marble flooring. Apart from that, aesthetically modern titles can complete with any world class Italian marbles any day and also remain lighter on pocket coming at price of 20 to 30% of the prices of good Italian marbles.

6. Locations to Decorate: Give your effort, time, and money to the spaces within the home that are most visible to maximize its appeal. Identify walls that get the maximum exposure in terms of visibility. Try to decorate it with a large painting or a combination of paintings, particularly collage of paintings. Choose colors of the painting that bodes well with wall, upholstery and other home décor articles colors. Painting style should suit the personality and style and must harmonize the overall home décor scheme. Start with identifying the corners in the home and then decide how you want to use that portion. Decorating corners may be complicated but if done with elegance should be create enough spaces for you to experiment with different decor styles. These sections when decorated carefully can convert into a place to read, having breakfast, lunch and dinner, quite conversation with your loved ones and reading books. Placing a statue or sculpture of a deity on the wooden low height table at the room corner adds glamor to the overall decoration scheme. Additionally, we can place a glass, fiber or plastic of plastic vase on the table at the edge of the room.

7. Ceiling: It is said that when we relax or introspect we look straight to the ceiling. Thus, the ceiling décor should be soothing and relaxing and invoke thoughts to introspect. The boundary of the ceiling can be designed using POP according to the space. Drawing room ceiling could have a golden or fluorescent color on the boundary. Ceiling of the kid’s room can have wall stickers of cartoons, stars or moon that glow in the dark. Call expert experienced team who can help you out. Gyproc from Saint Gobain and Asian Paints have started these services in branded space and there is lot of variety available in the local markets as well.

8. Wardrobes: Traditionally classified as women’s world, wardrobes are important to home décor as it is a mix of both style and usage. But importantly, style of the wardrobe should not overshadow the usability quotient. The color of the wardrobe is important and should be contemplated well before finalizing it. Few of the different styles of wardrobes include traditional pull handle, sliding or a large mirror on the front. Sliding ones are catching trend but careful not to invest in low standard sliding wardrobes as they will not last much.

9. Kitchen: Kitchen is a small world and everything from a small celebration to everyday chores of the day starts it. We suggest ceramic gloss paint or emerald green for the kitchen with stainless steel paint for appliances. Painting style such as “still life” is the perfect fit for kitchen with fruits, vegetables and drinks painted on it. Remember, the color of the painting should match with the overall decoration scheme of the kitchen.

10. Bathrooms: The bathroom might be the smallest space in the house, but it can really pack a punch when it comes to interior design. In general, many homeowners do not take enough risks with their bathroom decorations as it the least visited space by the visitors. Bathrooms are about cleanliness, sure, but, from a decorating point of view, they’re about creating mood that view everything in well-organized arrangements. Accessories can make a bathroom highly decorated and a place where one can relax and gather thoughts. One should choose bathroom accessories after careful consideration of combination of design, color and lightening. Modern bathroom design and decor can be created with some simple steps and quick home staging tips. A large wall mirror is great for small bathroom design and decorating. Elongated large mirrors on doors can be dressed in Baroque style or contemporary style frames, bringing additional attractive details into modern bathroom design and enhancing bathroom decorating styles and color schemes. A mirror can be a statement of Piece or Art.

11. Lights: Lighting is an ingredient part of home décor and varies according to different sections of the home. Kitchen should be well lit, drawing room can have fluorescent or bright lights and bedroom should be lit dim. Few of the lighting accessories that lighten up the room and look amazing include light shades, chandeliers, candles, and pendant lights, among many others. Dimmers to control the lighting of the above mentioned light sources are advised.

12. Corner Panels: Remember, a well decorated room is one which has everything just about perfect. Be it furniture, wall paint and accessories used to decorate the room. We believe that few articles in the room are for visitors to rejoice and the rest are for our inner self to find peace and enjoyment. Everyone looks for the bigger picture in decorating the room while forgetting the smaller sections in the home. One of these smaller sections is decorating the corners of the room. These sections when decorated carefully can convert into a place to read, having breakfast, lunch and dinner, quite conversation with your loved ones and reading books. Start with identifying the corners in the home and then decide how you want to use that portion. Use a couple of bean bags and a small table to start with. We suggest two-seater dining table decorates with candles, vases and flowers. The wall behind can be decorated with artifacts including wall murals, paintings and a beautiful wall clock.

13. Vaastu and FengShui: Vaastu plays a significant role in the welfare of the family members. We recommend certain tips and guiding principles that would help make the home vaastu-compliant. Having certain articles placed at proper positions would add harmony within the family. Om paintings: It is widely believed that ‘Om’ word has more than 100 meanings and when chanted invokes all five senses in the human body. We strongly recommend having ‘Om’ engraved on the entry door or hang ‘Om painting’ in the north-east direction. It will bring serenity, peace, calm and prosperity within the family. Broken articles, statues and paintings of deity should be destroyed. Additionally, defective articles such as clocks, furniture and appliances should be kept away from home as it stalls the progress in the tasks undertaken. Vaastu and FengShui: Choosing paintings and artifacts as per Vaastu and Feng Shui compliance can add harmony in the family. As per Vaastu and Feng-Shui, paintings depicting ‘Seven Horses’, ‘Tortoise’ and ‘Laughing Buddha’ can have an affirmative effect on the well-being of the family members.

14. Candles: Historically, candles have been used to mark celebrations, especially birthdays and festivals. Candles form an imperative part of the home décor scheme and gone are the days when they were used just to illuminate surroundings. With time, more work has gone into making candles more desirable by altering its shapes to make it look more admirable and beautiful. As a result, these are increasingly being used to add charm and glamour especially in the living room. Different kinds of candles are pleasing to the eye, aromatic and aesthetic and all are made from wax. We can use candle holders, lamps and designer chandeliers to hold candles and place these in our home and enjoy the warm surroundings. Without much debate, candles are also used to add a hint of romance.

15. Water Pebbles Add Charm: We suggest decorating water installations with multi-colored lights and pebbles. These lights will not only enhance water features but also the pebbles surrounding it. These water installations should always be complemented with other home décor essentials.

16. Water and Light Combination: Moving water is always better stagnant water, mostly because of voluble sound and different effects that the light can have on the moving water flow. At night, the effect of light on water is magnified by using various color combinations at different junctures of the water flow.

Wall Decoration: Wall is one of the most sought after space for decoration, given its scale and size. This space is conducive for experiments and to justify that there are various options on how to decorate the wall. One bone of contention is to select the articles to be hung on the wall in sync with the wall color. Few of the articles that look beautiful on the wall include paintings, wall decals, wall stickers, and wall hangings.

17. Paintings: Adding a spiritual angle to our lives can be both positive and calming. Placing Radha-Krishna painting or statues in the house bring opulence, welfare and good health. It spreads warmness and people find themselves in tranquility and accord. Radha-Krishna is a symbol of love and new-wed couples should always keep them in their vicinity that keep the love spark between them forever. There are many artifacts including Radha Krishna paintings and Radha Krishna statues and sculptures are available in the market. Wall murals and wall hangings with pictures of Radha Krishna engraved on them add magnetism and bliss to the home. Another deity that is widely worshipped is Ganesha. Everyone starts the day or a fresh work, assignment, material possession by invoking Ganesha. One of the best place to buy paintings online in where there is unending variety and full customization options.

18. Wall Decals: Wall murals, wall decals and wall stickers add glamour and allure to the home décor. Colors of these articles should bode well with the overall home décor setting. There are other artifacts that are often neglected in the bigger scheme of things, including wall clocks and handicrafts. Our suggestion is to make these a part of the bigger picture and give proper footage in the house that these artifacts deserve.

19. Wall Hangings: Add glamour to your room with wall gallery constituting of one or a mix of hanging planters, memorabilia, mirrors, different shapes of wooden shelves or an artwork of your kids in the form of a painting, handicraft or poster.

20. Art Prints: We understand that owning an original painting can charge you a bomb. Art prints give the buyer an alternate option that is affordable, close to the original in terms of look and feel, and easy to handle. Again, chose the colors in the art print that is in sync with the overall decoration theme.

21. Curtains: Curtains are the most important aspect of the home décor, whether it is living room, kitchen, bedroom or the drawing room. Larger than life curtains make the room look amazing and speak a lot about the owner. There are various designs available in the market including traditional and contemporary. Different patterns of curtains are straight fall, folded at the top or at the sides and a combination of one or two curtains. Along with the curtains, the rods that hold the curtains are equally important.

Statues: Small or big, religious or figurative, statues add weight to home decor. Typically, statues are made using various types of materials including marble, wooden, bronze and ceramic. A statue besides the sofa looks beautiful and also is the best fit to fill in the empty space. A large statue of a deity adds spirituality to one’s life, while statues of random styles, animals or angels can be placed in the drawing room.

22. Marble Statues: Statues made of marble is generally the most easily available and also been in demand forever. Typically, marble statues are durable, have low maintenance economics, and look elegant. White marble statues gel around well with other home decor accessories almost effortlessly as white color bodes well with almost all other colors. If cost is not a constraint, then Italian marble is the obvious choice amongst art lovers.

23. Wooden Statues: Just like marble statues, marbles made of wood have always been in high demand. Beautifully crafted wooden statues add charm and give an antique look and feel to the home décor. However, wooden statues have to be well maintained to sustain their rich look.

24. Bronze Statues: Statues made of bronze look elegant and bode well if the overall decoration theme is contemporary. Bronze statues of Gods, Greek dancers, animals or antiques are few of the famous forms of statues. Famous places to shop bronze statues in India include Moradabad, Jaipur and part of Southern India, while South Asia is the place internationally.

25. Ceramic/Porcelain Marvels: Decorative vintage figurines made of ceramic are a popular home décor article. Ceramic can also be recycled hence overall it has great reuse value. Most of the ceramic statues are handmade and hence have unique appeal to them.

Vases: With or without flowers, vases make a statement in home décor. The structure and style of vases have come of ages and now vases are becoming an important part of decoration. Few major types of vases include ceramic vases, crystal vases and marble vases. All of them are unique in one way or the other but selection of colors is common for all. The color of the vase should match with other color scheme of upholstery and wall colors. A good color combination can really do wonders to home decoration. If the vase has a focal point and that space has great visibility, then bigger vases should be preferred compared with smaller ones. The beauty of vases is that they can be placed almost everywhere, be it kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom or balcony.

26. Ceramic Vases: If the flooring is wooden then ceramic vases are an obvious choice as they have rugged look. Ceramic vases could have a dull feel as ceramic would absorb the colors. Nonetheless, they look stunning and add charm to home décor. Trendy eye catching white colored beautiful ceramic vases with gorgeous flowers can enhance any room instantly.

27. Crystal Vases: These vases shine like a diamond as they are bright and look vivacious. Crystal vases gel well with tile-based flooring as both complement each other. There are many different styles of crystal vases available in the market and thus finding the right one is not difficult. Again, the choice of bigger or smaller crystal vase depends upon the style and decoration theme.

28. Marble Vases: Keeping the aforementioned factors in mind, marble vases look beautiful and complement well with the marble-based flooring. The beauty of vases is that they are mobile and is a great article to experiment with respect to space and location.

29. TV Cabinets: This particular section is a must for all homes and easily the most visible space. Most of the T.V. cabinets are a combination of both wood and glass, but we suggest avoiding such style. Let the T.V. cabinet be used for the sole purpose of keeping the T.V. and should not be mixed as a section to display memorabilia.

30. BAR (Mini BAR): Showcase the best brands of whiskeys, brandies and wines on the beautifully crafted wood rack. Stack them according to the brand value and make sure all the bottles are visible from one angle or the other. Placing different shapes of glasses at the top of the table or hanging them with wooden grooves, makes the overall setting look stunning.

31. Moist/Seepage Wall Covers: While used as a preventive measure to stop seepage inside the wall to extend, wall covers look beautiful and add charm to the home décor theme. The idea to leave the wall covering as subtle as possible with the design and color mixing well with the overall decoration theme.

32. Artificial Flowers: Keeping artificial flowers at the centre of the dining table looks attractive and also spreads good health. We can keep on changing the color combination of the bunch of flowers, according to the mood of the inhabitants.

33. Water and Light Combination: Strictly with respect to decoration, flowing water is always better stagnant water, mostly because of its charming sound and different effects of light on the water with a constant flow of stream. Using various color combinations at different junctures of the water flow can make a difference in the overall decoration scheme. Don’t miss out on LED revolution, use more light but still save lots of electricity.

34. Balcony Gardens: If you like greenery and always wanted to have a garden in front of the house but wonder how you going to have that while living in an apartment. Balcony garden is the solution and decorating it with a combination of real and artificial flowers add charm to the balcony. Buy a ready green grass turf and maintain that on a regular basis. A small recliner chair and a table can make the balcony really useful.

35. Terrace Gardens: Creating a garden on the terrace adds elegance and protects your house from direct sunlight. A wooden fence enclosing the garden with green steps look good. If you are a barbeque fan then terrace garden is a perfect place to quench your thirst.

36. Bottles and Jars: Though not exactly classified as home décor articles, bottles and jars still make the cut as beautiful home décor articles. Kitchen and dining table look amazing when carefully selected bottles and jars are placed.

37. Rugs and Carpets: Home décor for living space and bedroom is incomplete without rugs and carpets. These articles give a sense of warmth and look beautiful as well. The color mix used in rugs and carpets is very important and should be in sync with other home décor accessories. With the introduction of new cheap materials, now carpets’ prices have become more reasonable and add elegance and comfort to your home.

38. Staircase: Often neglected, staircase is one area where experiments take the front seat. A combination of small paintings hung alongside the staircase look beautiful. If the flooring is wooden, then staircase should also be wooden which gives a real rich feel. The staircase made of tiles look amazing but should not be too slippery. Wood on iron bring old world charm and fiber glass give modern trendy look with both having pros and cons, so decide cautiously.

39. Railings: There are many designs of railings, including wooden railing, clear glass and steel railing, and the right one should be selected based on the overall decoration theme. The typical design of wooden guardrails made of parallel, thin pieces placed vertically and held together by a simple handrail make a beautiful setting.

40. Swimming Pool: During cruel summer days, swimming pool is a great idea to cool things off. A lot of thought should go into the decoration of the surroundings of the swimming pool. Having exotic meals by the pool side is just the thing we want after hectic daily chores of the day. A stylish dining table besides the swimming pool is a great sitting place. Place a big vase and fill it with flowers and few pots to complete the home décor. Have a small wooden flooring space to dry off the wet feet to avoid slipping.

41. Lounge: This is a private space where only few of your close ones visit and spend quality time. Depending upon ones character, style and personality, the decoration theme should be selected. The different decoration styles include contemporary, western or pure Indian style. Various articles that should be placed in a lounge are designer stool, bean bags, recliner, small centre table, paintings, vases, designer lights, television and a good music system.

42. Home Theater: If you are a person who likes watching T.V. or listening to music, then home theater is the place to be. This place should be full of gadgets and feel lively. We endorse having dark colored walls with focused lights at right places. Again, we can decorate this place more or less taking cues from our lounge area but remember home theater would be little dark so whatever we decide as décor articles should be glossy enough to shine and look amazing with bright colors.

43. Shoe Rack: It is wet outside with muddy surroundings and then we enter our home from outside. What is the first thing that we do? Remove the shoes, right? But where? Outside, where else? How about inside? Drawing room is not the right place to remove the shoes because dirty shoes make the space look dirty and overshadows the money and time spent on decoration. Shoe racks are now covered, designer and beautiful than ever before. Different styles and shapes are revolving round and rectangular cabinets and parallel vertical rods.

44. Pillows and Designer Cushions: Add decorative pillows and designer cushions to add warmth to the living room, guest room, and beds. There are good accessories that add a cozy feeling to your rooms and are just plain fun to use- under your head, over your legs, hugged between your arms, and they actually do help to keep you warm besides those throws you’ve gotten out.

45. Fire Place: During winters, bring your fireplace to life which has been eating dust the whole year long. If you don’t have a fireplace, buy some candles and place them on the dining table or side boards. It gives a very warm feel to the house and also gives you a chance to have some romantic candle light dinners with your family. If you don’t have fire place, get the warmth of fire with some great fire art which would also look great on your walls.

46. Collage as Decoration: A Collage can be made a part of the decoration theme. Along with some other single paintings, a collage can justify its place in the decoration theme if three to four figurative, landscape or abstract paintings can be collaborated together. Remember, the color of collage can be selected based on a single theme or can be a mutli-color theme, either way, the color used in the collage should complement the overall decoration theme of the home. We suggest having a collage in the bedroom or the living room as it adds glamour to the room and shows ones creative side. Along with it, a collage can be placed along the staircase.

47. Other Accessories that add glamour: Chandeliers, mirrors, photo frames, lamps, statues, miniatures, and paintings, among other accessories must blend with the overall decoration theme. Flooring, wooden cabinets, lighting scheme and dining table style and color should blend well with the other artefacts.

48. Artifacts that add charm: Few of the artifacts such as wall clocks, candles and handicrafts add charm and glamour to the overall scheme of home decoration. Our suggestion is to make these articles an integral part of the bigger picture and give proper footage in the house that these artifacts deserve.

49. Being Religious bring peace: It is said that keeping Radha-Krishna in the house brings prosperity, well-being and good health. It spreads warmth and people find themselves in peace and harmony. New-wed couples should always keep them in the house which will always keep the love spark between them forever. There are many artifacts including Radha Krishna paintings and Radha Krishan statues and sculptures are available in the market. Wall murals and wall hangings with pictures of Radha Krishna engraved on them add charm and joy to the home. These artifacts not only look good in the house but add a spiritual value to it also.

50. Natural Colors: If the interiors are decorated well with natural colors, it spreads positive energy. We suggest paintings that use natural colors as an important part of home decor. Some of the natural colors that complement the other settings of the home décor include yellow, green, brown, orange, red and black. We acknowledge that natural colors are limited in its very existence and sometimes it is very difficult to make a painting that uses mixed colors. However, usage of natural colors in paintings is gaining popularity and many artisans have adopted this particular style. Nature paintings like flower paintings, mountain paintings, fruits paintings, river paintings among others are few of the examples where natural colors can be used effectively.

Hope this will give you good flavor and help you in your foray to plan your home the way you want. We will continue to keep coming back with more in-depth coverage of each such aspect which will help in understanding pros and cons of various material, colors and will also try to give reasonable price levels with what is catching trend in different regions. So, stay tuned.