A New Trend in Furniture

With changing times, there have been some interesting changes with respect to home decor. A great home decoration theme is one which has everything just about perfect, including furniture, wall paint and other home decoration accessories. We believe that few articles in the home are for visitors to rejoice and the rest are for our inner self to find peace and enjoyment. We are cognizant about the fact that people always look to do things differently and it is the task of interior designers to understand that growing need and come up with something unique and interesting. Few of the new furniture styles that have caught our attention are enlisted below:

Coffee Table: Though a coffee table has always been in the market for quite some time now, but a new trend has reclassified it completely. Now, all of the four chairs are of different styles and yet, when, combined look absolutely stunning. The idea is to pick up different products, e.g. chairs and center table, and imagine how they would look when combined together.

Sofa Set: Continuing with the trend that we discussed above, people are now experimenting with their sofa set as well. A normal sofa set comprises of a 3-seater, a 2-seater, and a 1-seater. A new combination would be to have same decoration style of a 3-seater and a 2-seater, and a third 1-seater of a completely different style. People can customize it by using all possible permutation and combination.

A two-seat sofa: While buying furniture online, a 2-seater is a powerful weapon to complete the overall decoration theme of the home. This particular piece of furniture can be placed in front of a bed or a study table, or even a more comfortable can be used in a lounge bar. We suggest a two-seater dining table decorates with candles, vases and flowers. The wall behind can be decorated with artifacts including wall murals, paintings and a beautiful wall clock. Furthermore, we will try to throw light on how we can select the critical spaces within the room and in what way can we fix a budget for them.

To summarize, there is no set rule about decorating homes and one must follow his/her instincts to bring newness and panache to the overall home decoration theme. Buy furniture online to suit ones personality and character, huge availability, no traffic struggles and unbeatable prices. Watch out this space for newer trends on home decoration.


Dos and Dons of Buying Furniture Online

Almost everything worth selling online is now being sold. While it is convenient to shop online, shoppers need to be extra cautious to buy articles online, especially anything that requires feel and touch to make the correct decision. One of the categories where online shoppers need to be taking extra effort is home décor. Home decor primarily includes artifacts, home furniture and home furnishing. Out of these, shopping for both home furniture and home furnishing are the toughest to decide on as they require a certain level of physical interaction and buying paintings or wall decor object being the easier ones. Buying home furniture online, in particular, needs utmost care and precision as returning these items can sometimes be a pain.

Before buying furniture online, few of the below mentioned points may help online shoppers to make the correct and prudent decision.

1) Check on the return policy: There are many online shopping sites from where customers can buy furniture online. However, it is highly recommended to fully understand the return policy of each respective websites as these varies with subtle differences. Returning furniture, for whatever reason it may be, is a big effort on the part of both online shoppers and online companies.

2) Make an easy decision: Selecting pure wood furniture — rosewood, rubber wood, or mango — compared to that with a cushion is an easy decision to make. Why? For the obvious reason that furniture with a cushion need touch and feel to decide on the comfort level of the foam used in it.

3) Confirm the texture and color: Often the actual color of the wood and fabric (if any) differ from the picture that is uploaded on the website. It is always a good practice to confirm the wood color and the fabric texture with the online company before ordering the same.

4) Compare the prices and the quality promised: Online companies seek to deliver value for money to customers and they are always on a lookout for one such deal. Customers should be very cautious before making a decision to buy furniture online by comparing quality and prices of the furniture with other options available online. Customers should avoid a situation where the quality of the furniture is compromised to match the price expectations.

5) Size does matter: It is always difficult to visualize how furniture will fit in a particular location in the home and office. Be cautious about the size of the furniture before ordering and double check with the area size of the location.

6) Whats’ Inside: The things which goes inside the making of furniture are of utmost importance as their quality give durability and long lasting value from your furniture. Ask for what’s inside the beautiful looking sofa if that is not being described in detail.

The above list is not an exhausting one but can certainly help someone who is looking to buy furniture online for the first time. Watch out this space for more information and ideas on home decor.

Changing Trends, New Furniture – Modern Homes, New You

Buying a home is the start of the next big question. Now what? This question has many answers when put in context with home decor. Quite often in a hurry to shift in the home, people do not give enough time and thought to the decoration theme. The structure of the home is as important as the inside decoration as one spends the most time admiring it. While selecting the perfect furniture for the home, that is both comfortable and trendy, one must start with the measurement of the space where the furniture needs to be placed. With the scarcity and ever increasing real estate prices, homes are getting expensive and smaller. With these constraints in hand, one must select such furniture which is modular and can have multiple utility.

We have outlined few of the products below that are high on utility quotient, and yet look stunning and are ultra comfortable.

1)      Sofa-cum-bed: “Sofa-cum-bed” is one of the product categories within furniture that is gaining a lot of traction and demand is exceeding expectations. As the name suggests, this particular piece of furniture can be used both as a sofa and bed. There is a particular section underneath the sofa which needs to be dragged out to make a bed. Sofa-cum-bed furniture is a combination of both comfort and utility.

2)      Modular center table: Center table is sometimes the center of attraction especially when visitors are greeted with snack and welcome drink. With times, there have been changes to the way center tables are perceived. Most often, people keep newspaper, magazine, and books on the center table, which hides the overall beauty of the furniture. Nowadays, center table are available in different shapes and sizes and have modular functionality with storage space. Buy modular center table for homes with space constraint.

3)      Recliners: Recliners look stunning and is a power house of comfort, style and panache. It is an ideal piece of furniture for homes that are constraint for space. Recliners are either manually operated, automatic or a combination of both. In all cases, recliners have the most utility in a private lounge or study table.

To summarize, for space constraint homes utility furniture is the answer to all questions, which offer comfort and look stylish. One can also buy furniture online to suit ones personality and character. Watch out this space for newer trends on home decoration.

Retail vs Online Furniture Players – Technology adoption hold Key

Decorating a home with up most precision and style is an expression of both personality and character of its inhabitants. Quite often in Indian family structure, buying behavior is a collective effort where the best possible blended style is preferred over individual choices. Visiting a retail furniture showroom in a group is a tiresome activity, especially when it is a larger one. With the advent of technology, now people can buy furniture online with great ease and convenience. But the question is quite simple, can online experience replace retail shopping, especially in the case of furniture. The answer is a clear yes, if online companies keep on investing in their technical capabilities and somehow find a way to bring the experience of retail shopping to online.

Below are few ways in which online companies can enhance the experience of online shoppers and in fact be a step ahead of retail shopping.

1)      3D room functionality: A 360 degree view for furniture is a technical capability which is must for online companies. Customers would like to see the design and detail in depth and a 360 degree view helps them to understand the furniture from all possible angles.

2)      Customization: Buying furniture online can be full of fun when customers are given the power to change the color of the upholstery, as per the overall decoration theme of the home. This functionality can enhance the overall experience for online shoppers, especially for those who pay a lot of attention to detail. Another customization could be in terms of changing dimensions of the furniture to suit your requirement.

3)      Live room view functionality: Live room view functionality has the potential to change the overall experience of online shoppers. In some regards, this functionality has the power to bridge the gap between visualization and actual picture. Some sites even offer its customers to hold and place different products on its website to be placed under roof. Live room view is a crucial functionality to make shopping experience seamless and without hassles. Just design and decorate the home all by yourself and share the picture with your loved ones for feedback and changes required.

The above list is not an exhausting one but can certainly help someone who is looking to buy furniture online for the first time. Watch out this space for more information and ideas on Home Decor.