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Abstract Art – The bold and beautiful way to Home Decoration

While painting on canvas, my dreams come alive, the world seems new and the unspoken words take form. I know the replication is futile of what nature has already painted; every effort seems wasted for what has already been painted by the master.

Where the pace of life is fast and the need for calm is more; the painting on the wall is so still, and every gaze, slows me down.

Eager to start a new life, newly married couple look to have their home that keeps them away from the fast-paced life. They look for a place where surroundings are more close to nature. Most of the couples are so inspired and in love with art that they always want to décor their home with beautiful paintings. Paintings on the wall fill up the emptiness in the home which otherwise looks lack luster.

Choosing the right painting is very confusion as the market is flooded with various options and as a newbie to the world of art, one is not able to decide what and from where to choose. Few styles of art include: abstract, figurative, landscape, floral, and still life. Of all, abstract genre is the one in which paintings are painted in bright colors.

Abstract art has forever caught fantasy of many as the paintings are mesmerizing through the use of bold colors in the simplest of designs. In childhood days, many of us remember drawing sketches of random shapes and sizes on plain white drawing sheets and then using crayons or plastic colors within the bounded lines. Gradually, we started using various objects like scale and compass to draw complex shapes and then fill them up with bold and beautiful colors. As with time, our passion to paint such random shapes kept on increasing though not knowing that with time all these paintings will fall in the special category: The Abstract art.

Abstract paintings defy the law of nature and the randomness of color combinations makes them unique and an absolute treat to eyes and spaces where they are hung. These paintings illuminate the overall environment as they usually meld with almost all other colors in the surrounding. Surely, these kind of paintings look stunning as they capture artist’s imagination which is sometimes beyond objects that are easily visible in our surroundings. Many people have hard time to understand these paintings and rather find it difficult to find logic for their mass appeal and appreciation.

Normally something that cannot be seen by naked eyes, hard to dream about by ordinary people and something that keeps you awake in nights, when painted takes a form of abstract art. The beauty lies in the use of color combination and randomness of thoughts, one can paint a mountain round and a ball in square shape, it’s all in artist’s hands. Abstract paintings give you that leverage to paint the unjustified, unsung, unseen and unthinkable.

There are so many lovely abstract paintings which are in the league of masterpieces – ‘The Scream’ by EdvardMunch, ‘Animal Fates’ by Franz Marc, these are just few ones which have been amongst the most admired work of art in the world. These paintings are equally famous and are in the league of some most famous portraits like ‘MonaLisa’ by Leonardo Da Vinci.

There is always a profound interest to decor newly owned home with such lovely art masterpieces. Home walls painted in pastel and light shade colors will look more attractive and appealing with abstract paintings that use bold colors such as red and dark shades of blue colors. In search of such paintings, one has to roam around the city and visit every such art gallery shop where we think to get what we are looking for. If luck is on our side, we can sometimes find art pieces as per our liking but the hefty price can simply put you off as we do not want to overburden our pockets as well.

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