Home Decor – KIDS’ ROOM, A Special Place

Kids room decor is close to everyone heart in overall home decor space and we all want to do just the best for such area. But we all are aware of that Kid’s room designing and decorating is a huge task which needs lots of thinking, planning and time. To build your child’s creativity and intelligence provide your loving kid an environment which is well suited for kids in their early ages by organizing a playful and creative kid’s room.

The first thing we have to think about is the size of the room it should be big enough so that kids will not feel congested, it will help your Child’s brain to feel fresh and help in the development of the minds. Small rooms some time create uneasiness for kid’s which makes them irritating. To make your kid comfortable keep things at their height, it will help your kid stay organized. Try to put the things within the reach so that kids will get them easily.

The colors of your kid’s room should be of different colors and it should be soothing colors like lavender with some paintings on the walls it will be good idea by panting the wall below with chalkboard paint and wainscoting the rooms. Walls should have animated paintings of super heroes which encourage them to be like them. There will be toys to play, something like teddy bear for girls and robots for boys. It will be a good idea to have soft toys for kids to sleep with them; it will relax them while sleeping in the nights.

There will be a study table which will be well organized and comfortable for kids to study comfortably, proper lights and ventilation should be there. Be sure to have multiple kinds of light as it is a necessity to have lights in days as well as on nights. It will help them find bathrooms in middle of the nights, so there will be arrangement of slow lights while they sleep. It can be done by painting stars and moons on their ceiling fans and some beautiful paintings on the side wall which will shine in nights on dim lights. It will get your child exited by turning on lights in night.

The curtains and bed sheets are soft and will be replaced time to time; pillows are comfortable so that it will not give pain to their neck in the morning. All Kids are very good collectors so make it easy for them, they collect pictures and postcards try to hang them with strings in front of windows or stick them on walls to make it an interactive environment in the room. You can also have some Abstract paintings on wall which have hidden meanings, help to grow your child’s mind and increase the creativity power to create something new. On the windows and doors you can also have some inspiring thoughts. It is good to have Indian religious paintings on the walls so that kids will know more about Indian culture and heritage by having those paintings in mind. For sitting purpose it is good to have toys chairs which are soft and comfortable but for studying, the chair will be comfortable and straight.

Take photos time to time and you can also enlarge one of the favorite photo from them and make it framed in even sections but the photo will be standard frame height and hang in on wall in place which is well suited and best focused. You can also tie up colorful ribbons beautifully on dresser which make it looks pretty and kids will love it. The last thing as we all know clean and clear room is good for health and it will also keep your kid’s healthy and germ free. So keep your home clean and also keep you’re surroundings clean and you will be a part of swachh bharat abhiyan and make Indian a clean country.

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