Retail vs Online Furniture Players – Technology adoption hold Key

Decorating a home with up most precision and style is an expression of both personality and character of its inhabitants. Quite often in Indian family structure, buying behavior is a collective effort where the best possible blended style is preferred over individual choices. Visiting a retail furniture showroom in a group is a tiresome activity, especially when it is a larger one. With the advent of technology, now people can buy furniture online with great ease and convenience. But the question is quite simple, can online experience replace retail shopping, especially in the case of furniture. The answer is a clear yes, if online companies keep on investing in their technical capabilities and somehow find a way to bring the experience of retail shopping to online.

Below are few ways in which online companies can enhance the experience of online shoppers and in fact be a step ahead of retail shopping.

1)      3D room functionality: A 360 degree view for furniture is a technical capability which is must for online companies. Customers would like to see the design and detail in depth and a 360 degree view helps them to understand the furniture from all possible angles.

2)      Customization: Buying furniture online can be full of fun when customers are given the power to change the color of the upholstery, as per the overall decoration theme of the home. This functionality can enhance the overall experience for online shoppers, especially for those who pay a lot of attention to detail. Another customization could be in terms of changing dimensions of the furniture to suit your requirement.

3)      Live room view functionality: Live room view functionality has the potential to change the overall experience of online shoppers. In some regards, this functionality has the power to bridge the gap between visualization and actual picture. Some sites even offer its customers to hold and place different products on its website to be placed under roof. Live room view is a crucial functionality to make shopping experience seamless and without hassles. Just design and decorate the home all by yourself and share the picture with your loved ones for feedback and changes required.

The above list is not an exhausting one but can certainly help someone who is looking to buy furniture online for the first time. Watch out this space for more information and ideas on Home Decor.

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