Thinking Home Decor and Beyond

Ever wondered what it takes to decorate homes and offices. The answer lies within rather than in the outside world. Seek answers from your consciousness what it wants and try to use the imagination to good effect. We acknowledge that for most of us owing a home is a matter of pride and recognition. But the story does not end there, decorating it with utmost precision and aplomb is equally important. Decorate the home according to the taste and style of its inhabitants. Rooms for older people would be decorated differently compared with that of children’s. Understand each person’s individual choices and try to come up with the best possible blended style. Below we are listing few of the accessories that can be used while decorating the home:

Decoration Scheme: This is where you have to decide what you exactly want from the decoration scheme. People usually decorate their homes according to their taste and style. They normally decorate based on a single theme and style, ranging from contemporary, ethical, vastu-compliant or a mix of one or two main themes. Think diligently over it and decide which could be the one that could suit your way of living, style and personality.

Select a color theme: Now, this is dicey as often couple fight over the choice and ultimate selection of the primary color theme for the bedroom. Bedroom is the only area in the home that is considered private by women and men alike. Pink (no points for guessing) is the most preferred color for women and want to paint and decorate everything in this color only. Running second is the purple color which is preferred by women worldwide. Men prefer black, brown or green color shades to base their bedroom décor with. We suggest that the couple should somehow try and select a color that is of interest to both. Decorating the bedroom with a single color is only advisable when it is adored by both. If not, then couples should avoid painting the bedroom in one color. Selecting a color combination as bedroom décor should be preferred as gives a freedom to experiment with the other accessories in the bedroom. There are many options of various color combinations available in the market. A list a few are: blue and purple, red and orange, cream and brown, pink and peach, green and yellow, grey and brown, beige and white, and red and orange. Each color has its own characteristic and a hidden message that speaks a lot about the person.

Play with light: Lighting is an ingredient part of home décor and should be used according to the section of the house. From a wide range available in the market, one can use light shades, chandeliers, candles, pendant lights among many others to lighten up the room. Kitchen should be well lit, drawing room can have fluorescent or bright lights and bedroom should be lit dim. We suggest using dimmers to control the lighting of the above mentioned light sources.

Play with accessories: Wall murals and wall hangings, if chosen correctly, would certainly add to the glamour and allure to the home décor. Again, remember to chose colors that harmonize the overall home décor setting.

Water pebbles add charm: We suggest decorating water installations with multi-colored lights and pebbles. These lights will not only enhance water features but also the pebbles surrounding it.

Other artifacts that are often neglected in the bigger scheme of things: Few of the artifacts such as wall clocks, candles and handicrafts do come along in some phase of the other in home decoration, but is obviously not the first hand choice for many of us. Our suggestion is to make these a part of the bigger picture and give proper footage in the house that these artifacts deserve.

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